Top Tips for Your First Business Trip to New York

Business Trip

No matter what part of the world or the U you’re coming from, New York will feel like a whole other universe. From talking, walking, and doing business in the speed of light, New Yorkers are all about that old saying Time is money. That’s why they tend not to waste it. Unless at the airports. You’ll potentially spend hours going through customs and baggage claims if you’re coming from abroad. Want to know more about hacking your first business trip to New York? Keep on reading.

Know the airports

When flying to New York, you need to know that you can choose to arrive at one out of three airports. JFK, La Guardia, or Newark will be your landing and departing spot. Considering JFK has the largest concentration of tourists because of international and domestic flights, choosing La Guardia or Newark will be your better bet. If you’re flying from another US country, Newark will be your best choice because on-time flights are not La Guardia’s stronger suit.

Follow New Yorkers’ pace

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. It’s truly the city where the hustle and bustle never stop. That’s why you’ll need to quickly adjust to New Yorkers’ way of life and follow in their footsteps. From walking and talking fast to never stopping in the middle of the street for longer than 2 seconds, you’ll want to be more of a New Yorker than the residents themselves. Grab your MetroCard to be able to use all the benefits of bus rides and don’t waste money on cabs. Learn the basic directions like downtown for going south and uptown when going north, when you’re in Manhattan. It will make riding the subway much easier.

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Enjoy some bleisure

Mixing business with leisure is what makes a business trip more enjoyable. If you’re in New York for more than a day, look for leisure activities that will help you get to know the Big Apple and make the most of your business trip. Look for reliable bike rentals and cycle through the city or just Central Park. The landmark is large enough to fill your day with an array of diverse activities, including cycling.

You can even suggest a meeting is held in the park or by the river for a more enjoyable ambiance. Since New Yorkers are early birds, it will help to schedule meetings in the morning with a warm cup of freshly blended brew to finish everything early on and make time for leisure activities.

Ride the subway like a pro

Once you’ve mastered your uptown, downtown terms, it’s time to hop on a subway and start exploring New York. The first thing to remember is that if you’re going to a meeting via subway for the first time, head out an hour before the local tourist guide tells you to. That way, even if you step inside the wrong train, you’ll have time to go back and find the right one. When boarding the subway, don’t enter the middle carriage, but go to the first or last one to avoid crowds and potentially find an empty seat.

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Look for coworking spaces

Don’t feel like working at a hotel? Fortunately, New York has a myriad of coworking spaces waiting for you to book them and start your productive day. Look for the best-known co-working spaces in New York and book your seat for a day or a week, whichever suits you better. For a more budget-friendly option, you can always browse through the nearest coffee shop list, and choose the establishment that best agrees with your tastes. As long as they offer free wi-fi and available electrical sockets for your computer’s charger, you’ll be able to do your work as you sip on your favorite beverage.

Final thoughts

Business trips are always stressful, but when you’re traveling to a cosmopolitan city like New York, it can add even more burden to your back. That’s why you should do your research before you hop on your flight to the Big Apple. Check out the main guides for the city, be polite, and don’t stand in the way of other people in the street. Once you get a hang of the subway and walk around the city a bit, you’ll see that New York isn’t that intimidating after all.

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