Best Places to Eat Near Paddington Station

Paddington Station

British train stations are not known for their haute cuisine or pretty much any cuisine at all unless you count a pre-packed sandwich and packet of crisps purchased from a newsagent chain store as food. If you’re stuck at Paddington Station with a rumbling stomach and have scoured the concourse for something remotely edible that doesn’t come stuffed between two slices of bread and wrapped in plastic, but found nothing, don’t despair.

Paddington Station is in one of the more illustrious areas of central London. It’s no more than a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and Edgware Road, which are all city locations where folks prefer not to eat their lunch or dinner out of cardboard packaging.

Go in search of the best place to eat once you drop off your luggage at a Paddington Station storage service, and you won’t be restricted to chowing down on British cuisine. What you will come across are restaurants serving culinary delights originating from countries as far apart as Australia is to Italy or Lebanon, and they all do it with exceptional style too.

Where To Eat Near Paddington Station

The Pride Of Paddington

When you don’t have much time to spare between trains or if you want to try traditional British food, then The Pride of Paddington is a good choice. This pub is right across the street from the station, and the kitchen is open from ten in the morning until ten at night.

At The Pride of Paddington, they serve well-cooked pub grub as well as some excellent healthy vegetarian options. The one thing that’s missing from their menu is breakfast, so don’t expect to tuck into bacon and eggs or pancakes. If you’re there early, you can always substitute those for something like a fish finger sandwich or a chicken and bacon sandwich. They’re just as tasty, although not quite so conventional.

The rest of the food they serve here is typical British so think sausage and mash, beer-battered cod and chips, or steak and chips. The vegetarian choices are smoked bean chili, vegan burger, or vegan wings with voodoo sauce.

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Location: 1-3 Craven Road

Il Gusto

If you don’t find British food or a pub atmosphere enticing, walk a few steps further, and you’ll find a touch of the Mediterranean. Il Gusto is an Italian restaurant a five-minute walk from Paddington Station that’s both stylish and welcoming.

When the weather permits, they have tables outside on the pavement, but if it doesn’t, the wall murals in the interior will remind you of places that are a lot sunnier than England. The food will transport you to warmer climes too, as here they serve a lot of Italian classic dishes like lasagna and swordfish, a multitude of antipasti and pasta dishes, and have a pizza menu as long as your arm.

Location: 11 Craven Road

It’s All Greek To Me

When it’s not Italian fare that puts a smile on your face, go Greek instead. It’s All Greek To Me is an authentic Greek eatery that, once you’ve found it, you may not want to leave.

It’s not a large place, but big enough and is a cross between a souvlaki bar and a taverna, so it follows the traditional Greek style all the way. The kitchen and takeaway are downstairs, and the dining room is on the upper floor. The food is exactly as you’d find it if you were in Greece. They don’t try to pimp it up, which is great because it’s perfect just the way it is.

At It’s All Greek To Me, you can indulge in a paper-wrapped gyro stuffed with meat, salad, fries, and tzatziki, a Greek salad, pastitsio, gemista, moussaka, biftekia, and should you need something hearty to stave off cold weather, kleftiko. Eating out near Paddington Station doesn’t get better than this.

Location: 101 Praed Street

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Satay House

Should you want a completely different eating experience near Paddington Station, then take a five-minute walk to the Satay House. The Satay House has split opening times and closes from 4 pm to 5:30 pm, so if you want a late lunch, sadly, you’ll be out of luck.

The décor of this Malaysian restaurant is as warm and inviting as the food. The red-painted walls make for a very cozy atmosphere during the chillier months, and the well-spiced food will certainly warm the cockles of your heart.
The Satay House has been serving its signature dishes for almost 50 years which has to be some sort of record for a London restaurant. This is the go-to place for chicken satay, beef rendang, fish curry, and sambals that will literally burn your mouth out.

Location: 13 Sale Place

Mimos Cafe Bar

When you don’t have time for a full meal but want something quick and fresh somewhere away from the hubbub of Paddington Station, check out Mimos Cafe Bar. This cafe-bakery is about a minute’s walk from the station and the ideal spot for a good breakfast, a light lunch, and a decent coffee.

The cafe’s interior has a rustic Italian appeal with bare brick walls and simple furnishings. They also have a few tables outside where you can sit and watch the world go by while tucking into a full English breakfast, omelets, Italian-style sandwiches, and salads. They also present a main menu with classic Italian dishes, as well as grilled and roasted meats, plus plenty of vegetarian choices. The extra bonus at Mimos is the prices. For central London, they’re a giveaway.

Location: 19 London Street


You don’t need to go far from Paddington Station to find somewhere decent to eat. There are lots of great places just a few minutes on foot from the station, so leave your bags behind in a luggage locker and take a stroll to see what you can find.

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