How About Some Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers?

How About Some Unique Gift Ideas for Travelers?

Last week I said goodbye to my brother with his favorite book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ and a handmade journal that I had made for him. My brother and I have always been bookworms and have known the best gifts that we could give each other on various occasions. Then how could I miss gifting him one when he was going on his life’s first international trip? I know a book and a journal seem too small of a gift to be given to someone who is going out of the country but then hey, I wanted him to remember me, home and our bonding. It was a sweet gesture of sisterly love. That made me think about writing this article for all of you about the best gifts for travelers. Gifting unique travel gifts to people who are about to go on a vacation or a trip is a cool idea and that is why I have shared some of the unique and classy gift ideas here.

So firstly if you are running out of bucks and are planning on buying a small yet thoughtful gift then here are my 10 favorite things that I would suggest as best gifts for travelers.


Or maybe you can call them eye masks! Eye slips are very comfortable and they let you sleep even if there is light in your surroundings. Choose a soft and smooth textured eye slip that has a dark cloth inside the mask and check if you can find any with some sassy quotes or phrases. Or if you are a pro at stitching or knitting, then maybe you can get a plan eye slip and customize it yourself before gifting it to your friend or family member. This is a thoughtful gift that you can give anyone.


Headphones are very important when you are traveling and they are actually cool travel gifts that you can gift anyone. Everyone needs them to listen to good music or talk to someone or even shut themselves out from the chaotic world. So check for a good pair of earphones or headphones and gift it to them. I am sure this will be worth remembering for them.

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Now if the person who is traveling is a girl, then nothing can make her happier than handbags. I am sure many or maybe most of the girls love handbags and that is why you can confidently buy a perfect handbag as per their taste and attitude. Handbags come in handy during traveling and if you go for a girly, small backpack then that would also be great as it doesn’t burden your shoulders much. So choose some of the best and cool handbags for your girl-wanderlusts. You can also opt for wallets with some travel related designs on them or zip wallets for your guy-wanderlusts.


Power banks or charge banks are very important because the phones that we use these days are not at all reliable when it comes to battery. They die quickly and you do not have the guarantee if you will be finding a charging socket anywhere. So carrying a charged battery backup is always important. That makes it one of the best gifts for travelers.


Okay I know I am trying to impose my ideas on you but then there are many nerds like my brother and I who love reading books or jotting down important points while traveling. This one is for all of them. You will love having your favorite book in your bag and that is why these can be a great idea of best gifts for travelers.

Now if you have a good budget with you and if the person who is about to go on a vacation is someone really important, then you can go for these ideas and invest a little more.


Trolley bags are very important and they can be the best gifts for travelers on a high budget. It is not easy to carry bags or small totes in bundles all the time. You need to have a comfortable luggage system if you wish to travel easily. That is why gifting a trolley bag is recommendable in many cases. Choose some attractive looking trolley bags during the time of sales and voila! You are ready with the best gift ever!

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Pictures are very important and you need to have a good camera to capture the best moments of your life. So gifting a digital camera can make someone scream louder with happiness. Look for the kind which is suitable for landscapes or portraits based on what the person would want and buy a good one. If you wish you can also go for a Fujifilm Instant image camera that gives you instant photo prints to pin to your walls.


A lot of people love grooming themselves and that is why you should try this idea. Get a personalized kit of handmade soaps, bath salts, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes and everything related to skincare and body-pampering. This way you are gifting them an entire pack of comfort essentials. Nothing can be more comforting and pleasant than gifting someone these kinds of gifts.


If the person who is about to travel is out for a camping or a trekking trip then you should consider gifting them a tent pack or those tools that are used for climbing high. These are very important and they come in handy when people are out on an adventurous trip.


So I thought I should end my list with something emotional, sensible and worth bonding over. Lucky charms are kind of cute and bring you good vibes especially when you are traveling someplace new on cheap flight tickets. I believe in carrying a lucky charm in my bag wherever I go. So gifting someone a lucky charm can be a great idea. Look for some silver items like a small statue of Ganesha or a coin or a cross. You can also gift a Feng Shui like a Chinese traveling Buddha, a three-legged frog or a turtle to someone and wish them good luck. These are really cute gestures and so you should consider gifting these for sure.

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