Choose the Engineered Oak Timber Flooring for Its Benefits

Choose the Engineered Oak Timber Flooring for Its Benefits

No matter, there are a variety of innovative types of flooring, but the appeal of the engineered oak timber flooring is unique. Oak is majorly used when it comes to timber flooring due to its popularity and a number of advantages it offers to the users. In case, you are not sure which option to select from the solid one or the engineered one, here are a few reasons to support your decision. You should hire the professional who assures proper and accurate installation process within the specified time-limit.

When you are buying engineered oak timber flooring, make sure that you have a look at the design, finishing, plank thickness etc. These elements make the floor best and long-lasting.

Some of the popular benefits of the selection of this floor in comparison to other options are as follows:

#1. Directly over concrete:

Yes, it is true. There is no requirement of nailing during installation of engineered oak timber flooring. It is for this benefit that the homeowners have moved towards this flooring. The issues related to moisture are negligible with engineered flooring and so this becomes one of the main reasons for selection. The wood-like look of this flooring is due to the application of thin veneer which is similar to the look of oak. This application is done at various levels so that the desired outlook and features are highlighted. It is the advantage that gives this flooring a higher rank in comparison to others.

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#2. Lasts a longer duration:

The engineered oak timber flooring gives the users the advantage of longevity. You will definitely experience it on the selection for your residence. The long-lasting feature is due to the dense hardwood that is being used. Especially when there are many visitors to a particular place, this becomes a perfect option for them. The need to keep on replacing it after regular intervals is lowered completely. It would definitely last for generations to come and if you find some damaged part, the repair is quite easy. You would be happy to know that all the benefits of oak timber would be achieved in a finished manner.

#3. Available in many forms:

When the engineered oak timber flooring can be easily achieved with the order in the form of strips or planks, it is obviously the right choice. The panels which are similar to planks can be ordered and installed at your residence. There are homeowners who like to have the floating floors for which this becomes an appropriate option. It is not exactly nailed to the floor but is glued to each other making it comfortable with the change in the weather. They are pre-finished and can be installed easily by the professional according to the owner’s choice.

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#4. Construction is strong:

 The renovation of the house cannot be planned every year. Homeowners would look out for the option which is strong in nature. Majority of the interior designers would go for the engineered oak flooring option as it does not require replacement in a short duration. You would not have to worry as the construction of the overall house would be so strong that investment would be worth. Actually, it is the floor which should be very strong to face different seasonal changes and also the weight of heavy feet. This can easily be achieved with this flooring along with good looks which is the most attractive part.

Selection of this flooring is highly advantageous from the above points so consider them for the next renovation of your place. In case, you have any doubts, you can always understand the features and make of the oak flooring and install it.

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