Things to do before you make your website live.

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Well, there are numerous things that you need to take care of before you are putting your site live. These numerous starts are a good and healthy way to perform a homework before you go live. This will provide you with a route of what to do and how to make your moves plus how your site will dissolve once it’s inside the public.


The content filling is extremely important before you decide to take your site live. That is one thing that will give an initial start for your site and bring a few traffic to your links. Content is the king and while working on the backstage for the development of your website, You must take care of this issue, Having 4, 5 blogs already written for you so they can be posted before setting your hard work live. Content makes your site get a good exposure before the release. Also, tell people in blogs and forums that what are you bringing to them. Get them excited and ready for the upcoming release. Release a few of your writings for free of cost to the public so they can read it and know whats coming. Remember to know that only quality will bring you the audience. So remember to keep uniqueness and researched based content. Check your content with plagiarism checker tool to ensure the quality and uniqueness of your content.

Know what you are selling.

Having an idea of what you are bringing is extremely important. For this, you can perform a survey and a good research over the web. See what is trending and what people are talking about, Also check what are the frequently asked questions are. What are most of the people looking for over the web? This will give you quite an idea and you can take steps to make your web page famous before it even starts. There is an important step which you can take, that is social popularity. Before bringing your actual site into the world of web, Create social pages over different social platforms and excite the viewers and get followers. This will let you have some amount of traffic before you even launch your site. Followers would love to visit your upcoming site if you are already providing quality content over the pages. This strategy has worked and will work if you are doing it properly.

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People will only get excited if you are bringing some quality of what they are demanding. Other than that there is no chance.

Review and support box.

Taking reviews, feedbacks and supports from your viewers and competitors are extremely important. So before launching your web page, one must make sure that the site contains a review and support box. This is very likable to the audience as everyone wants to present their feedbacks of your work. Especially in e-commerce website and selling websites, it is must to have a support box. This box will actually help your users if they have any complaints or they need to understand something about your site. Also, to gather information about your additional products and services. So having this box will provide them a good example of customer care. Be responsive to it so your viewers will stick to you.

Landing page.

This is most important to have to present what your website is about. A landing page contains each and everything about your website on a single page. Including all your features and basic details of your topics, Your products names, ‘Register box’ or ‘getting started’ box. Plus it must contain a checklist for every service and what good we are bringing to our clients and viewers. Provide a small video to explain what the viewers have clicked on. Also have slides, reviews, testimonials on the section to interest your users. This will have an impression on them and they will hurriedly want to continue. A registration page button along with these will help them to register and continue for more browsing.

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WWW redirection.

Another important thing to keep in mind is a redirection of WWW. Have you ever typed a website straight like, instead Everyone has and everyone still does because it’s short, easy and quick. But, after clicking the enter button for it, you see www appearing on itself. It’s called WWW redirection where a website automatically generates it. This is a must to have a thing when it comes to ranking your site. A site which doesn’t have this redirection will lead to low-ranking. One must take care of these things.

Tweaks and fixes.

The last one to take care is the working of your site. It is a must to look at whether your site is working okay or has issues. For example, basic loading errors, a site taking too long to load, images are having issues in loading,   code to text ratio problems, Making tweaks to check a perfect run will give u a surety of everything is fine. Must realize that a perfect running site with good content is the key to gain ranking and get traffic.

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