What are protocols and their types?


In this series of learning and learning about technology and the Internet, we have brought you another topic in which we will talk about how many types of protocols are. If you run the internet or are connected to technology in any way, then you should have heard about the protocol. But do you know that if there are no protocols then we can not communicate by using the technology in any way if the Internet is not there? Now all of you would like to know what these protocols are and how do they work, let’s get them Know about in detail.

What are the protocols?

Protocols mean the rule made for communication between two networking devices, according to the rules networking devices can communicate among themselves. If we try to understand common language, then protocol means that the networking devices have their own language in which they can communicate with each other just like we talk to each other, as if you heard the name of the HTTP Through this protocol, a device sends some data to another device or another computer in a text form, and a device or computer that receives it understands that data, and makes it readable and understandable for humans. Protocols are also called “digital languages”.

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protocols  Types of protocol

Well, there are lots of protocols but some common protocols are listed below:-

#1. Internet protocol:

Internet protocol is a very common protocol. Everybody knows about this, we can use the internet with the help of this protocol and most of the same protocol is used. Internet protocol sends the data into pieces or packets from and adds them to the destination when it reaches.

#2. TCP (Transmission control protocol):

This protocol is used only with the internet protocol and it is named as TCP / IP, a Network Model like the OSI Model, but it has only 4 layers. TCP has the same name as its name. It controls the Response Flow, which is sent from the Client Computer to the Server Computer and the request sent from the Server Computer to the Client Computer.

#3. POP (Post office Protocol):

We use this protocol to receive e-mail. That’s why its name is post office protocol and currently, it is used with the name SMTP for POP3.

#4. SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol):

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used by TCP / IP to send and receive mail if you get information about the application layer in OSI Model, then you may have complete information about SMTP Working Feature.

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#5. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

People Uses this protocol to transfer files from one computer to another computer. Website Manager stores all their files through Web Hosting on Web Server. After that whenever a user opens the website, FTP or File Transfer Protocol gives it the permit that he can download that file from the Web server.

Last Words

These are some protocols with the help of which we can send data from one computer to another. There are many types of protocols but we do not use them so much and it is a bit difficult for us to understand them.

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