Symptoms of Kidney Stones and Tips to Get Fast Relief

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Occurrence of kidney stones has become quite common over the years. The unhealthy lifestyle and improper eating habits have a crucial role in the development of kidney stones. Kidney stones are the solidified masses of excess minerals in the kidneys. The process of formation of kidney stone is gradual, and it may take a few months before the symptoms start showing up.

So, let’s begin with all the symptoms of kidney stones that may prove to be of major help to you or your near ones.

  1. Pain in the lower back and abdominal region– Kidney stone pain, also known as renal colic, is one of the severest pains one could imagine. It usually starts when the stone moves in the urinary tract and gets stuck somewhere. The pain originates in the back, below the ribs and may spread to other parts like the abdomen or the groin region. Another distinguishing characteristic of kidney stone pain is that it comes and goes in waves. In other words, the person might experience a cycle of intense pain followed by a dull ache. This may even continue for hours until the person reaches out to a doctor.
  2. Painful urination– Pain while peeing is another common symptom of kidney stones. Once the kidney stone travels through the urinary tract and is about to reach the bladder, you may experience a sharp and burning pain while urinating. The medical term for this symptom is dysuria, and it can be quite troublesome.
  3. Red or brown-coloured urine– Another very common symptom you may notice with kidney stones is the change of color of urine to reddish-brown. This happens due to the presence of blood cells in the urine, and the condition is called hematuria. You may also notice cloudiness and foul-smelling urine.
  4. Frequent need to urinate and other urinary problems– If you have kidney stones, you may find yourself wanting to pee a lot more frequently than usual. This usually starts when the kidney stone reaches the lower urinary tract. In addition to this, the stone may cause a minor blockage in the flow of urine. Therefore, you may not be able to void your bladder all at once.
  5. Nausea and vomiting– Feeling nauseated and vomiting is another symptom many people with kidney stones experience. This can happen due to two reasons. Either the kidney stones can trigger the nerves of the gastrointestinal tract to give rise to nausea, or these can be as a result of the body’s response to the severe renal colic.
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Tips to get fast relief from kidney stones

Since kidney stones are not just common but also an old prevailing health condition, there are various tips to get rid of them. Let’s quickly get to know the most effective tips of all.

You should increase the intake of the natural form of citric acid. Citric fruits and juices prove to be excellently loaded with citric acid. Orange, grapefruit, berries, lime and lemon are the must-haves to speed up dissolving the kidney stones and passing through urine. Therefore, many doctors commonly recommend the patient to have more lemonade or lemon soda.

Barley water is one of the oldest effective remedies for kidney stones. It has deep cooling and hydrating effects on the body, also having a glass of barley water everyday hastens the removal of small kidney stones. It also boosts the functioning of kidneys and is a great summer drink too.

A spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water in the evening is also helpful in getting fast relief from kidney stones. But make sure that you do not overdo this remedy; otherwise, it can have negative impacts on your health.

Keep away the junk and the fibers. Dietary fibers are high in nutritional value and have cleansing effects that sweep away the excess minerals and toxins from the body. So, wholegrains, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits should become an integral part of your regular diet.

Quick tip- Frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarette can aggravate the condition of kidney stones. These habits may also make frequent trigger episodes of kidney stone pain. Thus, at least cutting down on smoking and drinking is necessary to get fast relief from pesky kidney stones.

What to do if kidney stones keep recurring?

The aforementioned tips are quite effective in managing the symptoms of kidney stones. However, kidney stones have a strong tendency to reappear. If kidney stones keep recurring, it is better to look for permanent treatment options for the condition.

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The three advanced surgeries – laparoscopic surgery, laser ureteroscopy and shock wave lithotripsy provide permanent relief from the pain and troubles of kidney stones. These procedures are least invasive and 100% safe.

In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses laparoscopic pieces of equipment to remove the kidney stones. On the other hand, in SWL and laser lithotripsy, the surgeon uses pulses of shock wave or laser energy to crush the stones into smaller pieces. These smaller stones can then easily pass through the urine.

All three modern surgical procedures are painless and do not involve any risk of infections or postoperative complications. The downtime is short, and these offer a quick and speedy recovery. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll recover completely within no time.

Due to their numerous advantages and quick recovery, these advanced kidney stone surgeries have become quite popular in metro cities like Delhi. Therefore, many hospitals are now switching to these modern procedures for kidney stone treatment.

One reliable healthcare provider you can consult for kidney stones is Pristyn Care. They house some of the best urologists and kidney stone surgeons and have a high success rate in treating kidney stone patients. All you need to do is visit one of their urologists, clear all your doubts and undergo surgery at one of their partner hospitals.

Final Words

Dealing with kidney stones can be complicated, but proper medical consultation can save you from any complexities or complications. Therefore, make sure that you consult an experienced specialist as soon as you suspect kidney stones. Keep in touch with your doctor and keep him/her updated about the home remedies and management tips that you adopt. This will ensure that the entire treatment procedure stays aligned.

Also, remember that self-medication is not a wise option. So do not take any medicine or supplement without consulting your doctor. A healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and appropriate treatment will certainly help you get relief from kidney stones at the earliest.

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