Start Your Own Web Reseller Hosting Business Equipped With These Expert Tips

Start Your Own Web Reseller Hosting Business Equipped With These Expert Tips

If you are thinking of starting a web reseller hosting business, you must start off well prepared. The market is tough. Web hosting solutions are everywhere. So you need to offer what the others don’t. Offer unlimited email hosting, or unmetered bandwidth, with no hidden terms and conditions. That is just an example. You need to come up with a structured plan of action, to begin with. Here is a good way to go about it.

1] Choosing your initial startup plan

Before you buy a web reseller hosting package, you need to be clear about your purpose. If you are going to use it for self-learning, personal use or any other non-profit uses, then the choice is easy. However, if you are going to make money out of it, security becomes paramount. Any mistake on your side might cause a massive loss for your customers, and they can take legal actions against you.

To make a business out of web hosting, you must form a company.

  • Hire an accountant, or sign a contract with a company to do the legal work for you.
  • You have to be clear about what you’re selling and who your potential customers are.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing and plan for a better service.
  • Adding privacy policy pages, terms of service, and service level agreement to your website is a must.
  • Also get a proper billing system. Now you’re all set to look for a reseller hosting plan.

2] Going incognito

Don’t let your customers know that you actually are a reseller. Most hosting customers hate resellers.

  • Always go for 100% private/white label hosting. This way, the provider will only give you the IP address to register your own domain name. Your client’s name should not be visible in the hosting control panel.
  • Make sure that your web reseller hosting service provider is active on social networks. This is a good way to grow and communicate with potential customers.
  • They must maintain a blog updated regularly with unique content.
  • Check for reviews by other customers, satisfaction ratings etc. Negative reviews should not be more than 10% of total reviews.
  • Live chat technical support is always an added advantage.
  • Actively monitor their response time for tickets, e-mails and live chats, at different times of the day. Make sure that there is persistence in their service.
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3] Don’t be a miser

There are many small web hosting companies that sell reseller packages at a very low cost. More often than not, their service is not reliable. If you want to keep your customers happy, you must not compromise on the quality of service.

Look for special packages of good quality. Often, bigger hosting companies offer promotional packages at affordable prices. Opt for those plans to secure great service at decent prices.

4]Getting used to corporate billing

All reputed hosting companies activate new services within minutes. The same will be expected of you. Using a corporate billing system with the auto-activation feature is an easy way to achieve this. Also, this will help you communicate with the customers easily and make you look much more professional. It will also help you keep an official record of stray expenditures like unlimited email hosting costs and occasional hardware modification costs.

5]Arrange 24*7 tech and security support

24*7 technical support is essential. In the beginning, you can outsource the support service to another company. Make sure that all service related queries are answered within 30 minutes to stay in the competition. When your business starts picking the pace, set up your own 24*7 support team.

Be honest with your customer at all times. Show your customers that you care about their business. Go that extra mile to help them with technical issues. This will build trust and earn you recommendations for more clients.

6]Get SSL certification

When you offer web reseller hosting services, you will need personal details of your clients e.g. names, addresses, e-mails, credit card details etc. in your billing system on the server. Your customers must feel safe while handing you sensitive information such as these. An SSL certificate will provide the required security by encrypting all communications between the server and the visitor.

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In case your billing system is installed on a subdomain, use a wildcard certificate. This will protect both your website and the billing system. A more professional option is the EV certificate. This will add a green bar to the browser and show your company name.

7]Build a reliable first impression

Building trust with your customers is key. A trust seal will ensure credibility. Adding a trust seal proves that you have passed all e-commerce requirements for online business and that your company is duly verified. Also add pictures of yourself and your staff to show your customers that they are working with live, trustworthy people.

8] Ask for testimonials

Ask real clients to review your web hosting service online. Genuine reviews will take you a long way. Ask your dedicated clients to casually mention some of the perks they enjoy. Wing it smoothly though. For example, “please give us a good review” is too cliché and needy.

“Do you find our unlimited email hosting feature useful? Yes? Would you like to tell our visitors about it through a testimonial? Yes? That’s great! Thank you.” This is a two-way interaction (the other side of which you just assume here). Ask this way so that you appear professional and the clients give a hearty review because you didn’t just ask them like a CRM system. It was personal, face to face and they cannot refuse the favor.

Follow these tips to make a perfect landing in the web reseller hosting business. You can take on older, bigger rivals with the right strategy. There is plenty of fish in the sea but you can become the biggest one with the right moves at the right time.

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