Reasons Virtual Private Server Hosting is the best Web Hosting Solution

Reasons Virtual Private Server Hosting is the best Web Hosting Solution

We already know the basics of web hosting so here’s a quick recap. Shared hosting is for beginners and it is okay to go on that cheap option as long as you are not looking forward to a big commercial break. Virtual private server hosting comes next, as a perfect balance between shared and dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers are used by big companies generating high revenues and having a lot of customer data to protect.

More about VPS

Since virtual private servers come as a middle ground between shared and dedicated servers, they are the most useful for medium to entry-level large-scale businesses. Therefore, even if you are just starting out, you should know a little more about VPS hosting.

We all know VPS bridges the gap between shared and dedicated hosting, but how? It uses virtual software to compartmentalize dedicated server hardware into smaller units. These smaller units are virtual units and therefore, have flexible storage and bandwidth configurations. Every compartment gets its own OS, finite but dedicated storage, bandwidth, processors, and RAM.

So, how is it different from a shared server? After all, virtual private server hosting is basically sharing a dedicated server platform virtually. We are going, to begin with, an analogy. Shared hosting is like living in a dorm with many beds. VPS is like having a personal room in a hotel.

With shared hosting, every different website owner is sharing the same platform homogenously. There is no compartmentalization. So, if someone else’s website is taking heavy traffic, your website is paying for it with bandwidth fluctuations. With VPS, though you don’t have the entire dedicated server for yourself, the part that is yours remains yours alone.

Security matters

Even if your website is not a heavy traffic one and you don’t even mind putting it on a shared hosting platform, security remains a concern. If any of the websites on the shared server gets a DDoS attack, or any security breach that affects any part of the server, there is a high chance that the effect will reach your part of the server because there is a distinction. Getting the cheapest website builder pays off if you are just about an individual public blog with no scalability goals.

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With virtual private server hosting, you can set up your own security system. You can invest as much as you want in the security and technical support team. If you see the hosting service provider is taking good care of all that, you don’t even need to invest more in it but you have the choice.

With shared servers, the safety of your website is at the mercy of the hosting provider, that is the original server owner. Your website is only as safe as the concern of the original owner and the discretion of the other shared renters allow.

Price advantages

It is a no-brainer that virtual private server hosting is way cheaper than a dedicated server. The price is just a fraction of that of a dedicated server because you are only using a portion of the server. But there is more to the advantages of VPS hosting.

Since you do not own any hardware, you can customize the specifics as many times as you want according to your website growth rate. Added to that is the benefit of never having to bother about hardware damage and repairs. That is for the dedicated server owner to take care of.

You also save money that would’ve been spent on a management team because you have the entire access to the administration and if anything goes wrong you can always ask the dedicated server owner to take care of it. Whatever you spend on the extra security is just a matter of choice. If you choose a reputed dedicated server hosting company for your VPS solution, you will never ‘need’ to invest in security separately.

Start with VPS straightaway

With the evolving pace of e-commerce startups across the globe and especially in India, it is wise to start off with VPS instead of making the first stop at shared hosting. Go for shared hosting only if you want to open a blog and want to connect with a few professional links. But if you are about business, no matter the scalability or goals, do not be a miser and go for the cheapest website builder you can find around.

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With a VPS system, you will actually be making an investment that will save you a lot of trouble and troubleshooting expenses in the long run. You will not have to deal with a slow website and the resulting bounce rate in traffic. You will not have to deal with the costs and hassles of a transition from shared hosting to VPS right when you have your hands full with conversion statistics and traffic inflow. You will not have to get tangled in security issues and customer privacy breach cases when you could really use the time to focus on the branding of your company.

Managed hosting platforms

If you want to save money on the hosting service it is better to go for managed hosting services than to look for the cheapest website builder and get in trouble later. Managed VPS or dedicated hosting will cost a little more than unmanaged VPS or dedicated hosting, but on a whole, it will save you the cost of maintaining an in-house tech support team and a dedicated security team.

So, all in all, managed VPS hosting is a very good option for any business owner. No matter how old are you or how technically adept you are or aren’t, a managed VPS hosting will have your back.

Work on your virtual private server hosting platform for as long as you can. Here’s one last tip. Leave room for horizontal as well as vertical scalability so that you can stay on the VPS platform a little longer, even if your business is growing very fast. Finally, switch to a cloud-based dedicated server when you are about to reach the pinnacle of success and can afford it.

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