How To Get Free Instagram Followers & Likes

free Instagram followers

Instagram is now the cornerstone of most of the small and medium-sized brands’ social presence, which can give you an engaged audience. However, to create a robust Instagram presence, there are some strategies that need to be sharpened. While we all know that organic distinction is important to make a buzz of your brand, the opportunities can get better when you have free Instagram followers.

When you are ready to invest in the right business and are looking to build your presence online, you will need the extra ‘push’ to make yourself heard and seen in this saturated marketplace. This is why the demand for an Instagram followers app is seeing a huge demand amongst the digital marketers and entrepreneurs who are working to connect to a pool of targeted audiences.

How to get free Instagram followers?


The thumb rule is to optimize your profile because the users will be looking for your product or service the same way they search for on Google. By the same way, we mean they will use either the key phrase or the brand’s / person’s name. Make sure to add in 1-2 relevant keywords in the username and name.

Using keyword-rich captions

Recently, there was an update on Instagram which said six countries, including the UK and Canada, can search on the feed with English-based keywords. This means to bring in search results that will have the featured keyword and will prove the relevance of the post.

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When you are sharing a blog or article, make sure to embed instagram feed that can redirect them directly to the account. This is definitely one of the ideal ways to get free Instagram likes.


Did you know that Instagram accounts that have giveaways and contests grow 70% faster? Unfortunately, only 2% of Instagram accounts actually invest in this strategy. Also, apart from the like and followers, your brand can get an impressive exposure amongst the audience of your need which is a huge favor in terms of gaining an online reputation.

Get GetInsta

If you are looking for unlimited free Instagram followers and likes, this is your buddy! All you need to do is sign up, download it and start getting followers who are real people and not bots. This is an automatic plan and will provide 24/7 support for any requirements.

Right time, right post

You have to know the right time to post on your profile to get maximum engagement. And, if you ask what is the best time to post on Instagram, the answer will vary. It depends on the business and industry you are dealing with. Get a thorough understanding of your analysis to find when can be the perfect time for posting.

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Once you get the analytics on your individual posts, you should gather the courage to try different types of posts. Analyze your top-performing posts and banking on the merit of the same, you can try creating different ones that are equally engaging and relevant to see if your audience is ready for a change.

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