5 Reasons Why Instagram Stories is Better Than Snapchat

5 Reasons Why Instagram Stories is Better Than Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat give digital marketers a twin platform for video and photo sharing. Within a year, the stories of Instagram have outshined Snapchat with more than 300 million active users daily in comparison to the Snapchat with 178 million.

If you are one of them who are not using Instagram Stories, then you are truly missing a lot out there in your marketing efforts. Find out the reason to start creating engaging and evaporating stories for your customers and followers. You must know the five senses that are making Instagram stories better:

Home Screen

The Home Screen interface is the most significant advantage that the Instagram Stories have over Snapchat. You can see it rightly placed on the top of the native feed, and thus it is easily accessible to users. Once you log in, you can immediately see the updates of the stories from everyone, and this also gives them the idea of whom they follow.

On the other hand, Snapchat requires the user to go through a series of clicks that the users are hindered of enjoying a viewing experience, making it less user-friendly.

Instagram is open-handed about its stories promoting updates from verified accounts that it sends notifications to your followers when it is a live session. The Instagram stories come in ascending order, and so the latest updates can be seen with a minimal click.

Note: Owing to Instagrams stellar accessibility and placement, people love Instagram stories over Snapchat.

Ease of Use

Instagram Stories operates as Snapchat, yet one thing is sure that Instagram is more user-friendly. The success of Instagram stories is owing to intuitive navigation. Instagram Stories presents an autoplay feature, and users love this as they can watch updates uninterrupted from all the accounts. 

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On the other hand, to watch the updates continuously on Snapchat, you must pre-select the people you wish to see, and there is a need to create a queue, and it means time-consuming work.

The viewing experience is effortless with Instagram stories that the users find it easy to watch an update from their known friends and brands. Instagram has successfully taken up to a notch.

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Active Users up to 250 Million

Instagram Stories hit more than 300 million daily users, and these numbers crush 178 million of Snapchat’s. The user count of Instagram Stories gives a clear indication of their system that is working right. This is apparent from the flock of people reaching Instagram service.

On the other hand, the user growth of Snapchat is disappointing every year, and they are losing their momentum.

Instagram Stories can narrate and connect people that the user’s volume is increasing, making it the clear winner. The users are enough to create and encourage more stories and draw brands with reasonable marketing efforts.

Note: Reaching the active users’ platform of 250 million is like a dream coming true. Marketing giants make use of this platform with interesting Instagram stories.

Location Tagging

Instagram is taking the right step, and it is with location tagging. It is creating intuitive UIs for its users. Apart from the comfortable viewing experience, it also offers its users lots to personalize their posts.

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Instagram Stories have a feature of location tagging, helping businesses drive attention to their locations. This feature of adding a location tag allows in promoting social proof, especially when they are unable to insert in their Instagram Stories a clickable link.

Apart from boosting the credibility of a brand, the location tags ensure users reach the local audience. The location tag addition on an image or photo on Instagram Stories associates automatically with all other posts present in that area.

Note: A nifty feature is the location tag, and it helps the smaller brands to improve among local users their presence.

High-Quality Video and Better Analytics

Instagram allows adding high-quality videos recorded on other devices beforehand. Thus, you can upload HD videos by bypassing the re-encoding function of Instagram as it compresses videos uploaded.

On the other hand, Snapchat needs the user to do live video recording, and it means holding a record button and publishing it automatically. Now the video quality depends on how steady you have the recording device and how good is the natural light to ensure sharp footage.

Finally, with tracking and measurement of marketing metrics, the only platform to rely upon is Instagram as it has grown up brands and marketers calculating ROI.

On the other hand, Snapchat provides details of how many stories are viewed, the screenshots number, etc., while serious marketers need lots more than mere information.

Note: Instagram provides everything engagements, reach, followers, demographics, impressions, website clicks, and lots more.

Bottom line

As such, Instagram is undoubtedly a go-to platform for everyone wishing to offer a superior marketing experience to their audience that may be measurable, targeting and trackable. Board on Instagram instantly with incredible stories!

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