Hazards to Watch for When Leaving Your Vehicle Parked Outside

Part of owning a vehicle is maintaining it, so it lasts several years. Unfortunately, when people think of maintenance, they typically limit the focus to engine work, tire rotations, and other mechanical issues. Few people consider the cosmetic and body risks associated with parking outside. While custom-fit car covers can help prevent some damage, it is still necessary to be aware of and acknowledge any potential threats to your vehicle.

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Tree Sap

Tree sap is not an immediate threat to the exterior of your vehicle, but if left on your vehicle, it can damage the clear coat. While some car covers for BMW can limit the risk of sap damage, a vehicle owner still needs to pay attention to the sap in the area and clean their vehicle of any residue. If the sap damages the clear coat, it may cause discolouration and staining on the vehicle body.

Sun Damage

Sun damage can occur on the street or in a garage, depending on the number of windows or natural light. Indoor car covers are an excellent way to protect against sun damage, but the heat can be equally damaging.

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Heat and UV rays can lead to the drying out and warping of interior fabrics and materials, like leather and plastic. It can also lead to discolouration in these same materials.

Bug Residue

Like tree sap, bug residue can damage the clear coat if not dealt with. Again, the substance can lead to discolouration and staining. It is vital that a vehicle owner washes their car when a problem is noticed to avoid any further issues.

Birds and Other Wildlife

Birds and wildlife can cause problems for your vehicle as well, from scratches to paint damage. While animals have claws that can cause significant damage to your car, the biggest threat is found in their poop.

How Acid in Animal Poop Ruins Paint

Animal poop or waste contains acid. The acid can eat through paint and clear coat. If left on the vehicle long enough, the acid will find its way to the metal under the paint. Consequently, bird poop, or animal poop in general, can lead to corrosion of the vehicle’s underlying structure.

If you notice animal waste on your vehicle, you want to clean it immediately. The best way to clean your car is probably to take it to a car wash. Once the car is clean if you must park outside, consider a car cover.

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Fit Guide to Car Covers

When measuring your vehicle to find the right size car cover, you will need to measure the length, width, and height of the car’s body. For the length, measure the longest points on the car, including bumpers. For the width, measure the widest part of the car, not including side view mirrors. The height will measure from the ground to the highest point, including a roof rack.

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