Why Are Sports Bikes Gaining Popularity in Australia?

Recent market analyses show that Australia was relatively unaffected by the effects imposed by COVID-19 upon the global motorcycles market as Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and all other major cities topped the market tables. In a survey conducted in the year 2019 to know the reason behind the popularity of Yamaha motorcycles in Sydney. More than 70% of respondents chose a value for money as the prime reason behind their choice.

As the craze for biking is increasing, many people are replacing their roadsters with quicker sports bikes. Apart from choosing from over 40 motorcycle brands that are actively manufacturing wide-ranging bikes in Australia, it is essential to recognise and approach authorised and reliable dealers to purchase one’s sports motorcycle. Though sports bikes are way costlier and less economical than the standards, choppers and cruisers; many people in developed countries like the USA, Netherlands, Germany and Australia continue to prefer them.

What are Sports Bikes?

Sports bikes fall below the performance-oriented, high-end segment and motorcycle manufacturers enhance their drifting abilities, acceleration and braking capacity to appeal to the motorcycle enthusiasts. The organic blend of engine location, position of the rider, other hefty constituents, and the bike’s overall configuration can help balance operational integrity and govern the motorcycle’s behaviour while accelerating, cornering and braking. The engine sizes of sports bikes usually vary from 300-400 cc for the low-end variants to around 1000 cc for the high-end variants. Most of the sports bikes have anti-lock brakes either as a standard feature or as an upgrade. The high-end variants tend to have additional features like adhesion control and an advanced launch pad.

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Precise end-to-end weight distribution is vital in sport motorcycles. Even a minute alteration in the rider’s position can cause a significant impact on the overall rider-motorcycle dynamics. Also, riders sometimes customise their bikes to overcome the complexity of the original design to achieve fine-tuning.

As sports bikes highlight acceleration and swiftness, they are popular among professional riders who can handle high speeds and quickly adapt to the changing circumstances.

Sports motorcycles frequently demand awe-inspiring performance from the riders. The performers often gear up to occupy a precarious riding position, with their feet raised on the footrest and body inclined toward the hafts. Therefore, sports bikes are ideally suited for those who prefer short distance travels in motorcycles since they demand concentration of the highest order from the rider.

Why is Sports Bikes Popular in Australia?

As more people are coming forward to buy sports bikes, one can say that sport motorcycle’s culture is gradually taking its roots in Australia. Sport motorcycles are popular among youngsters due to their augmented characteristics such as better torque and power, wide-ranging colour variations, and lustrous design. Besides, sport motorcycles are best suited for all types of race-tracks.

Bikes produced by certain manufacturers offer supreme suspension, guarantee safety and absolute comfort. In addition to such obvious factors that contribute to the popularity of sports bikes in Australia, it is noteworthy to mention certain geo-specific aspects. Apart from regularly hosting various rounds of the MotoGP World Championship and World Superbike Championships, Australia has run the attractive Australian motorcycle Grand Prix at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit since 1997. Every year, spectators come in huge numbers to witness the performance of their favourite racers. Such sporting events conducted at multiple tiers facilitate significant cash flow into the local economy as well.

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