Selecting the Best Tow Bar for Your RV

choosing the right tow bar

The thought of living in a motor-home may sound like an exciting prospect to some and an intimidating one to others. Driving an RV for vacation indeed comes with advantages since you can stay comfortable and relaxed while on the road. While RVs are perfect for long road trips, they are not the ideal vehicles to explore the local streets once you get to your destination. For that, you will likely have to bring a smaller vehicle, such as your car.

Now, you may be wondering, how can you drive an RV and bring your car at the same time? This concern is where RV tow bars come in. As the name suggests, a tow bar is a device that allows you to tow your passenger car behind your RV safely. It is the perfect way to bring a second vehicle during a trip, especially since a large and bulky RV will not always be practical for touring and strolling.

With that said, tow bars come in a variety of styles, sizes, and brands, which can make it hard to decide what to get. As such, you should consider several factors to help you narrow down your decision.

Weight Capacity

Before you get a tow bar, it is best to have an idea of the vehicle or vehicles that you intend to tow behind your RV. Since RV tow bars have limited weight capacity, you have to ensure you find one that can support your vehicle’s weight.

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Typically, tow bars supporting 5,000 pounds should be enough for regular-sized vehicles, but you may need extra towing capacity if you plan to tow larger vehicles or trucks. Take note, however, that tow bars can still be light despite having a high towing capacity.

Performance Features

Each tow bar will come with different features that can affect its performance, so make sure you look at these carefully. For example, self-aligning tow bars are useful in that they can help even out the tow load. You may also find tow bars with additional parts that aid in maneuvering, so you can enjoy a smooth drive while on the road.

Additionally, do not forget to look for a tow bar that is easy to install and disconnect since you do not want to spend too much time doing this before and after your trip.

Nowadays, tow bars are becoming more and more innovative, so you can expect to find unique features in the market. For example, some models are now designed in a way that prevents scratching any part of your car, while others are made to fit any base plate.

Safety Cables

You have to use safety cables when towing a car behind an RV to prevent the vehicle from going loose on the road if anything happens to the tow bar. While most tow bars come with safety cables and corresponding instructions, some do not. Thus, make sure to check if your tow bar comes with them because if not, you will need to purchase a set yourself.

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It can be tricky finding the right safety cables since you also have to match it with the towing capacity and features of your tow bar, so if you can, try to find a bar that already comes with cables.

RV tow bars are a must if you intend to bring your car while driving your RV. While it is not easy to look for the best tow bar for your vehicle, it pays to take some time to conduct research and learn about your options. With so many brands and models available in the market today, make sure you get one that is built to last.

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