Fast Weight Loss for Busy Moms

Biggest Loser contestants are able to be successful so easily because their only job is to lose weight. They don’t have daily activities such as commuting to work and taking care of the family that makes finding the time and energy to lose weight so hard.

But busy moms can lose weight quickly and safely following a few simple rules.

  1. Avoid high-calorie drinks. Stop drinking sugary sodas and instead drink diet versions. Give up the mocha for lattes made with skim milk and sugar-free vanilla. Swap the high-fat milk and drink skim milk. Stop drinking fruit juice and eat the fruit instead. Drink more water. By switching from high-calorie drinks to lower calorie options, you’ll be eliminating hundreds of calories a day without being thirsty.
  2. Have fun! As you get older, exercise is more important to keep your body working efficiently. But exercise doesn’t have to be a chore done at the gym or running a marathon. Instead, go outside with the kids and play. Tag and hide-n-seek can burn calories, give you time with the kids and is fun. Or if you have a baby, take him for a walk or hike in a stroller or baby pack. Dance classes, tennis lessons, and other classes can be fun while also burning calories.
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Find waist trainer suitable for long wear. The cincher can remind you don’t take much food, and the features of compression can limit your meals intake. Some more it makes you overall look nice when wearing it underneath your clothing.

  1. Eat better. This is the part that seems like no fun. But eating better doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what you eat. Often it’s just about switching refined foods to whole grain ones. Making sure you have fresh veggies or fruit with each meal. Learn to turn your favorite fattening meals into lower neck fat healthier meals.
  2. Learn about serving sizes. Large portions are why many people struggle with weight loss. They think a package of chips is a single serving when in fact it’s two or three. Even healthy foods can add weight if eaten in too large of quantities. Check labels for serving sizes and measure your food to ensure you’re eating a single portion. If you’re still hungry, drink water or eat an apple to help fill you up.
  3. Have healthy snacks. Skip the high-calorie snack options such as chips and instead have healthier options. Air popped popcorn with spray and popcorn seasoning is a filling high fiber snack. Almonds, peanut butter with celery or an apple, vanilla yogurt, and frozen berries also make healthy snacks.
  4. Indulge in moderation. Who wants to go through life never having chocolate again? Not me. Even while watching what I eat, I still have chocolate (daily), but I limit it to 150 calories. That’s one Peppermint Patty or two squares of Lindt 70% chocolate. If ice cream is your weakness, buy low fat, no-sugar ice cream that has up to half the fat and calories. The point is that you can have treats, but choose the healthiest options and eat them in moderation.
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Losing weight with simple changes is not that hard. You don’t have to change your lifestyle completely to make better choices about what you eat. In fact, switching your high-calorie drinks and food for healthier alternatives, playing with the kids, and watching how much you eat can lead to fast weight loss.

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