How to Clean Unfinished Wood Floors?

How to Clean Unfinished Wood Floors?

As much as hardwood floors may bring forth class and style in your home, it is integral to take good care of the wood floors so as to maintain their good look as well as their longevity. Cleaning your wood floors is the first step to ensuring you are taking good care of the floor.

However, there are a number of considerations you need to make before cleaning your wooden floor. This is because there is a disparity between the care and cleaning methods of finished and unfinished hardwood floors.

Unfinished wood floors require more care as compared to finished or sealed floors. With an Unfinished floor, there are a number of things to avoid as well as things to be cautious about when cleaning.

This is also as a result of the higher risk they hold of getting damaged by the everyday products and cleaning mechanisms applied.

Below is a list of useful tips to know what to do, what to avoid and what to do with caution when cleaning unfinished wood floors.

What to do

It is recommended that you clean the unfinished floors in spots rather than cleaning the entire floor. In addition, soak up any liquid that may spill quickly with a sponge or rag.

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Make sure you frequently vacuum the unfinished floors. Dust is the most common form of dirt hence; removing it will alleviate the need to mop the floor every now and then.

Things to Avoid

Avoid using any product that is meant specifically for sealed wood. The only exception should be where there is a label on the product advising use on unfinished floors.

Using products meant for sealed wood floor might bring about stains, nullifying the entire cleaning process. Avoid using common floor cleaners such as Murphy’s oil soap and also keep away from using any liquid or water-based floor cleaners.

Avoid scrubbing the surface of the wood with a tough wet bristled object. This may bring forth unpleasant marks and damage the floor by introducing unattractive damaged areas.

Avoid pouring water on the wood. This is because the raw wood tends to soak a lot of water in the boards bringing forth warping effect.

What to do, but with Care

You can mop the floor with materials that cannot let a lot of water soak into the wood floor. Additionally, use different pads to make sure that excess water is soaked up well.

You can clean the unfinished surface with some cleaning products which are diluted in water. Such include white vinegar and Trisodium Phosphate among others.

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However, when doing this, just make sure you are just dampening the cleaning pad rather than wetting it.

You can as well treat the boards with mineral spirits for sanitization and cleaning. You can use a sponge for this purpose but ensure that the room has sufficient ventilation to avoid obnoxious side effects.


It is notable that unfinished floors will certainly require more care and attention than sealed wood floors.

Nevertheless, following the basic cleaning guides, you will certainly keep the floor durable while also enhancing a good look.

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