Recycled Products You Can Use Everyday

Recycled Products You Can Use Everyday

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

You’ve probably memorized that phrase already.

This phrase may be repeated more than a thousand times in your lifetime and built strong as though it went through the process of plastic injection molding itself. Just look around you—there are tons of recycled products that you can use daily. So make sure that before you throw things again, do your best to reuse and recycle these items.

Some items created by plastic injection moldings, such as plastic bottles, DVDs, and CDs, can still be salvaged and used for decor.

Keep an eye out for these items the next time you have a general cleaning in your home. Think before you toss them away because they may still be of greater use to you!

DVDs and CDs

This might be unexpected, but different kinds of discs are manufactured with injection molding—the same goes with the plastic cases used to house them. You probably have a collection of these lying around your room somewhere, but think twice before you throw them out!

Additionally, you can also recycle these discs by plastering them on your wall to form a disco-like effect. As for the plastic cases, they can be used as hinges for your doors or windows.

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Bottles and Lids

Drinking bottles and their various lids can be recycled by transforming them into everyday items, such as pencil cases or food containers.

You can also use them for your gardening needs. Recycle them as watering cans or as a bottle planter to house your plants.

There are many different techniques to recycle these plastic bottles. All you have to do is be creative! Let your imagination run wild.

Bags Made from Recycled Juice Packs

After quenching your thirst, don’t throw away the juice pack just yet! You can make transform it into a stylish and colorful tote bag.

The tote bag can be water- and dust-resistant. Plus, its strong pouch can store even your heaviest essentials. Using only the juice packs, you will be furnished with a unique and stylish piece that you can brag about to your friends.

Newspapers and Magazines

Many of these papers are lying around the house no matter how frequently you throw them away. Reduce their number by reusing them as wrapping paper, as DIY gift pouches, or as envelopes.

You can also combine these items to produce an entirely new object. For one, you can fashion these newspapers and magazines into a shade for a recycled lamp (with a big water bottle as its body).

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Broken Dishes and Cups

Use these broken dishes or tiles to make keychains or jewelry. You can also use them to make a pattern out of a garden path, tables, chairs, flower pots. You can also re-tile your floor using the broken pieces.

Used coffee mugs can be utilized as pot plants. Even the broken ones can still be recycled!

 Key Takeaway

Recycling products you can use every day should be a constant mindset. Not only is it a massive help to the environment, but it is also an immense help to you. Using these items, you preserve their usefulness, and you can do your part in contributing to zero waste as well.

You won’t risk throwing away something useful now, would you?

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