10 Things To Consider Choosing the Best LPG Gas Distributors

The number of LPG suppliers in the market has significantly increased in the past years. You can find about them in advertisements or through word of mouth. Choosing the right LPG gas distributor can be a tedious task as you have to consider many things. Customers sign contracts with the wrong distributors as they do not have the proper market knowledge. This article will mention the ten important things to consider before choosing your LPG gas distributor. Read on!

  1. The kinds of Delivery they Offer

You should ask your distributor what kinds of delivery services they offer. You pay for your LPG when the company fills the tank. There are two kinds of delivery options available:

–         Automatic: where the company comes to your house regularly to keep the tank full.

–         As-needed Delivery: where you call them as and when you need to get the tank full.

Automatic Delivery keeps the tank full for everyday usage; however, it may cost a lot more. On the other hand, the as-needed delivery option keeps you on your toes because you have to check on the usage and call for a refill. But it also helps in keeping the expenditure under control.

  1. The Pricing

Pricing is an important part of choosing the LPG distributor for yourself. There are many hidden costs that the company might levy along the way. Ensure that you know about all the costs that you may have to pay. For example- storage tank installation fees, minimum monthly purchases, LPG delivery fees, disconnection charges, and any charges on early termination.

  1. Certification and Insurance

Certification and insurance from all the concerned authorities are a must-point to consider. The state has certain rules that every propane distributor needs to comply with as it helps in keeping the quality control on propane. Additionally, the delivery driver, technicians should have valid national certifications. Do not refrain from asking for them.

  1. Service and Support Hours

Knowing the hour of service of the company will help you determine if they can cater to your propane needs at your convenient time or not. You should ask if the company provides 24*7 assistance, emergency support after standard business hours. In addition, you should know if the company is available to provide services like gas leakage, equipment repair, etc. Try to find a company that provides services to fit your needs in all weather conditions.

  1. Billing Options

In recent times, we have paid all the bills online; therefore, it will be helpful for you if the company also provides online billing options. This way, you can use the company’s site to pay monthly or annual bills and keep yourself from managing the paperwork. 

  1. Safety Records and Customer Testimonials

Check to see if the company can offer you earlier records and testimonials from their existing customers. They should be able to provide safety and security records. Compare the safety ratings and records of different companies that you are approaching. It helps to segregate the companies and choose the best as per your requirements.

  1. Timescale

Different companies have various timescales to deliver their propane. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to ask the time the company will take to install the tank from the time of signing. Some companies take months to complete the installation process. Therefore, ask for the information beforehand to save yourself from any hassle later.

  1. Product availability and Distribution

In case of emergencies, what is the company’s plan of action? Do they have good products available to fulfil the needs of their customers? Get information about the size of the tanks and the nearest depot, along with the storage facilities.

  1. Maintenance Services

All the propane appliances that the company installs need regular maintenance. Ask the distributor if they provide maintenance and service for the propane appliances. It won’t be easy to separate service and maintenance for every appliance. Hence, the company that offers all this will be a one-stop solution for all your LPG requirements. 

  1. Warranty and Pre-Buy Program

You should ask if the appliances installed by the company are covered under warranty as the appliances may sometimes need an urgent repair or replacement, which can cost you a lot. Therefore, you should be sure that they are covered under warranty to save you from extra expenses.

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Apart from this, you should consider if the company provides a pre-buy program for LPG. The LPG price keeps on fluctuating; with this program, you are eligible to pay the price that you bought the connection in the first place. The market fluctuations will not affect your utility bill.

Final Words

Choosing an LPG distributor is a tedious task; however, you should consider the points mentioned above to choose the best distributor from the available options. Then, compare the prices, talk to the companies, research them and choose the one that fulfils your requirements at the most affordable costs.

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