5 Benefits of Having a Water Cooler at the Workplace

The water cooler is the last thing an employee will expect from his workstation. Usually, employees find it difficult to carry water bottles or sippers at their workplace. Therefore, they expect their company to provide them with at least these necessities. By providing water on the work floor, you will save time and improve employee’s concentration.

Installing a water cooler at workplace have multiple advantages for staff and as well as for visitors. You can sit and relax knowing your team is well taken care of. Still decisive? Below we have shared a few benefits of having a water cooler at your workstation. If you are searching for the same, keep reading further.

Benefits of Water cooler 

According to a study, employees cannot perform their best ability while being lazy, drained, unmotivated or having symptoms of dehydration. So, it becomes the organization’s responsibility to keep them motivated and hydrated at the same time. As when you are well hydrated, you automatically concentrate more efficiently.

  1. Less sick leaves 

Generally, water is just another liquid, but it has great benefits to your body. For example, when your employees are well hydrated, they will fall sick frequently and maintain a good hydration level. In addition, it will improve the overall attendance of the team, which in return will benefit your monthly productivity. Therefore, it will benefit employees and other members of the company as well.

  1. Minimum maintenance 

If you use a commercial water cooler as suggested by the manufacturer, you will not require day to day maintenance because they are designed so that it does not contain any such part that needs regular care. However, it requires replacing a water filter, that too once in a year which also depends upon the usage. Moreover, water coolers are so popular due to their affordable price. Which ultimately saves a lot on your corporate expenses.

  1. Encourages friendly conversations 

Often employees lack communication with their managers, which becomes difficult for a manager to understand his team. In such a situation, a Water cooler can create a casual atmosphere around the floor. It will enable the employees to step aside from the pressurized seat and relax their posture. Also, have a healthy conversation apart from work-related queries with their subordinates, ultimately converting into a friendly atmosphere on the floor. It may seem like a small effort, but it creates a stronger relationship between co-workers.

  1. Saves time 

As mentioned earlier, water coolers save a lot of time. One will hardly spend his 5 to 8 minutes visiting the water cooler, drinking or having any conversation. Else, he has to walk out of the floor, search for the water cooler and invest his time while approaching back. It will ultimately disturb his concentration and may hit productivity at the end of the day. If your employees have this basic facility on their floor, they will be back to their seats in less time.

  1. Easy installation 

Whenever we think of installing anything in the middle of the working day, we undoubtedly expect disruption. Whereas setting up a water cooler is the easiest task ever. All you have to do is, install the body, and clean the internal system by draining the first bottle. After that, replace the empty bottle with a new one and start using it. Then set up temperatures for hot and cold water as per your preference. You can also set an off timer for your water cooler, which will switch off the cooler when your team is out of the office. We recommend you ask the service centre to install it or read out the manual provided with the cooler.

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These are a few benefits of installing a water cooler in your commercial area or workstations. Now you must have got an idea why it is so important for an organization to set a water cooler on the floor for their employees. Not only employees, but it is beneficial for managers or other subordinates to stay in contact with their team and create a friendly atmosphere at the workplace. Also, it gives a good impression of the company that they take care of basic needs of their workforce.

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