Choose Destination Wedding in Jaipur for Making It a Royal Event

Choose Destination Wedding in Jaipur for making it a Royal Event

Indian weddings have a grand aura about them, especially if all the traditions are maintained. Many Indians want destination weddings these days. So many people go abroad, that some very beautiful Indian locations do not get the attention they deserve. For example, in Kerala and Rajasthan – Alleppey, Kovalam, Jaipur, Jodhpur, these are such beautiful cities to get married in. Jaipur will be the best wedding destination for a royal and unforgettable wedding ceremony. If you want to impress your guests and make your own wedding the most memorable wedding for your relatives and friends, go for a destination wedding in the Pink City.

Rich Heritage = Royal Wedding

Jaipur is also called the Old City because of its rich ancient heritage. Some of the palaces and forts are from the Mughal Era. They are used as film shoot locations and for weddings now. Some of them cost a fortune while some areas are free if you are looking at the street locations. You go for a Jaipur themed wedding only if you want to look like royalty. You cannot dress like common Rajasthani people and have a Rajasthan themed wedding in the city of Jaipur. It screams heritage and extravagance. You will feel like royalty the moment you set foot in this city.

Best Season

There are many extravagant hotels in Jaipur. They are all beautiful, spacious, and grand. So you need to choose one that suits your style best. There are different prices and area coverage, and architecture styles to pick from. You need to prebook locations well in time so that you get a good price. You need to pick the time of the year you want to get married.

Winter and spring are peak seasons for tourists and weddings. So that will be the most expensive time of the year. Also, July and August see the heaviest rain. It rains half the month in July and August. So, October to January is expensive and cold. Late June to early September is rainy. And May to August is very hot. That leaves us with February, March, and early April. This time of the year, you will find moderate prices, almost moderate temperatures, and almost no chance of rain.

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If you want a winter wedding anyway, go for November, December, or January. Enjoy the freezing temperatures. You will love being in your elaborate and heavy wedding dress. Winters give people the chance to get all decked up and not be bothered by how hot that is supposed to make them feel, weather-wise. November is also the most festive month in India. You will love being part of the festival of lights in a city like Jaipur.

If you want an open space monsoon wedding photography session, go around July or August because you will surely get rain every alternate day, at least. But choose a hotel with enough indoor space for a wedding and for all your guests because you never know when it starts raining.

Pay attention to Details

You need to keep a number of important details in mind while booking a hotel, rather a palace, in Jaipur for a wedding. Some of these palatial hotels and resorts are so huge, covering an enormous area, but they cater for only 100 guests at a time. Some of them have room for over 2,000 at a time. So, the number on your guests’ list is an important factor to keep in mind.

Some resorts offer only open space access and no access to the fort or the palace itself. Some resorts are located inside the palaces and there is practically no outdoor location to go with. Though with the area these heritage resorts cover, makes the second scenario very uncommon. In most cases, you get quite an abundance of outdoor space in resorts in Jaipur for a wedding under the open air.

In fact, Jaipur wedding venues are the best option for a chopper bridal entry or groom entry option. Jaipur locations are the most spacious Indian destination wedding locations you will ever find. When you are arranging a royal wedding, your entry should be royal too. If you need a horse, camels, or elephant for a grand entry, talk to the resort’s staff about arranging one. Don’t settle for resorts that cost a fortune for nothing.

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Splurge on the wedding

You have decided to go for a destination wedding, and an extravagant one. Before you actually start executing the idea, decide how much you are ready to spend, and follow through with your plan only if your budget matches up with the estimates of the resort you choose.

 You can go for a small guests list comprising only the closest people. A guest list of less than 100 will reduce the costs of one wedding. You better not have another wedding in your hometown to host with all the other guests and the guests invited to the destination wedding in Jaipur. That will only increase the cost. Invite everybody important. Splurge on them. Make sure there is just one wedding. Unlike Goa, Jaipur isn’t quite the destination for a private wedding. The crowd, the pomp has all got to be there. So choose Jaipur only if you know you can and you want to splurge on this wedding.

Get a chopper, get elephants, get camels, get the resort management to deck up the entire space with abundant fairy lights, use a lot of fireworks for the evening, and most importantly, go for a lavish menu for all. Splurge on your wedding day. Make it an unforgettable affair.

Royal wedding venues in Jaipur, like the Lebua Resort, Raj Palace, Rambagh Palace, Shahpura Haveli, Alsisar Mahal, Jai Mahal Palace, Mansingh Palace, and the Samode Palace, are some of the best examples of destination wedding venues in Jaipur. They all have huge spacious area coverage, but it is a regal affair for just about 200 guests at a time. For more guests, make sure you talk to the managers.

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