Why a Teak Wood Swing Is a Better Option Than a Bench?

Why a Teak Wood Swing Is a Better Option Than a Bench?

Here’s a scenario –

A person went to get wooden benches for decking up his porch. The price range was relatively high (the US $ 400-500), given that teak wood is in high demand.

Another person chose a wooden bench for his home. At an affordable rate of US $250-400, he got himself a swing set.

Now you decide for yourself which is a better deal? However, money is not the only question in this case. One must consider other factors, the first of which is why wooden swing sets and not a bench?

The next factor that one must note is – why teak wood and not any other quality. If you are here to get answers, you will have to scroll down and read the contents for a better idea.

Why a swing against a bench?

  • With the evening summer breeze blowing in the garden, it is better to swing along lightly with the breeze, rather than sit on it. A wooden swing adds on to the artistic beauty of the garden or porch area.
  • In case you wish to host a garden party or a bonfire, wooden swings in the middle of the garden provide the perfect lounge spot.
  • Unlike the wooden bench where DIY is almost next to impossible, one can add up a canopy to this wooden swing and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.
  • Topping it all – as per various medical journals, the soft rocking motions that these swings offer can reduce the level of stress and improve blood circulation and help get your body an extra dose of Vitamin D.
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You have some very good reasons to choose wooden swings against simple benches. Now the question comes as to which wood should one choose? Redwood, teak wood, cedar, cypress happen to be some of the choices that one has. Which is the best? Time to find out!

Adding natural beauty to your garden

Unlike red or cedar and cypress versions, teak wood is strong, has high dimensional stability, and is tolerable to all weather conditions. Thus, one does not need to fear the expansion or contraction of wood with the change in atmospheric moisture.

One can also use teak wood that is reclaimed and, therefore, contributes to maintaining the atmosphere’s ecological stability without diminishing its shine or aesthetics. With plenty of bespoke teak furniture available, one needs to check out an excellent online retail outlet to buy a quality piece.

Here’s a list of things that one must note before buying a wooden swing.

What should one know before buying wooden swings? 

Point 1: What is the quality of the teak that is used? With most outlets selling hazardous African teak in the name of teak furniture, one needs to steer clear of these.

Point 2: What kind of swing is one looking for? It is essential to note whether one wants a simple swing or one with bespoke artistry. Depending on that, one can choose out a perfect swing set.

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Point 3: What is the available space and budget of that individual? Generally, these sets come within the range of US$250-400. Also, most buyers want garden swings. Hence, the choice must be exact!

Apart from this, the regular checking of the quality of the retail store is a must. So, folks, be happy buying wooden swings!

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