How Can You Keep Your Brain Young With Apps?

How Can You Keep Your Brain Young With Apps?

When you are a child, your brains worked to its full potential. You always asked for new information. As you become older, the brain also grew. You crossed the age of 50 years and now you face challenges such as loss of memory and concentration. Due to these two factors, you are facing stress.

You took tablets, and now you even extended your sleep to two more hours, but to no avail. But your wife, being the smarter of the two, coaxes you to use apps which can keep the brain young and more alert.

Let us imagine, you started a packers and movers business before ten years. It has become a success, but now you feel that your brain needs to work more. Always remember, to remain successful, you should never stop learning. That is the rule. Period.

Take a look at the apps mentioned below and keep your brain young With apps.


Considered as one of the best brain training apps. The creators are neuroscientists to offer benefits to the users such as solving problems, speed as well as having flexible thoughts. The number of users has crossed 70 million.


The app was created by wizards. It has been created by coordination of psychologist, neuroscientists, game developer and patients affected by schizophrenia.

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It was designed to enhance the memory of an event and to really assist the schizophrenia patients to have a happy daily life.

Fit Brains Trainer

By using this app, you can improve the speed of your thoughts. It has many games as well as puzzles that only get harder. The app can also monitor your performance. Do you believe recommendations will be given based on the progress?


Many a relationship went to the docks because they forgot their spouse’s birthdays. Some forgot their close friends’ phone numbers. This app makes you remember phone numbers. Interested in learning new languages? Eidetic will provide assistance.


The app has been specially designed to enhance your communication as well as analytical skills. You will have to complete everyday challenges such as spotting grammatical mistakes.

Brain Trainer Special

A wide range of games is offered. It can be a mathematical problem to playing sudoku as well as memorizing letter sequences. The app helps keep your mind in good shape.


The name signifies the real meaning. The app asks you questions, quizzes that make you cope with anxiety and stress. In addition, you also get meditation and relaxation features.


Are you interested in joining a new online course? Then Coursera is a better option. It is an online school where you can participate in courses and gain certificates.

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Want to improve your knowledge every day? Then through this website, you can enhance your skills with video lessons. You can choose your learning classes as per the convenience. You can choose from a variety of topics such as humanities, mind, body, marketing, and relationships.


You can get nearly 42,000 courses. You can also access the videos from your mobile phone. Please note, only some videos are free but for many, you have to make the payment. The videos cover many topics such as Photoshop, marketing, health, fitness, and web development.


Interested in learning the fine nuances of trading in your free time? You can use this free app on iOS as well as Android. Create a name for yourself as well as trade different stocks. Have doubts? Chat with online friends to learn about bidding, investing and trading.


You may have lost some of your memory power with age, but do not confine yourself to depression. There are millions of resources online by which you can remain young forever. Good Luck!

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