Plugins for login Page of Your Website

WordPress is an open source website creation tool written in PHP. This tool is used by almost every web developer to create attractive and amazing web pages. WordPress makes the life of developers become very easy, without excellent coding skills anyone can build a professional website through these tools. This also opens the doors of career for many beginners’ candidates.

Everything is possible in WordPress; almost all the things can be easily customized, changed and modified. But many users found difficulty in login section; the default login screen may look a little bit dull and tedious. Do you want to make it attractive and eye-attentive? Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress login page plugins to improve the login experience and security on your website.

  1. LinkedIn Login: This plugin is also very helpful and allows users to log in to their LinkedIn account. Users don’t need to add username or password they simply login by clicking on login with LinkedIn.
  2. Temporary login without password: This plugin allows users to login temporary. By using this kind of plugin user access your website content without creating an account.
  3. Remember Me: It seems to be a tricky task to log in again and again. By using the plugin “Remember Me” on your WordPress login page allows you to automatically check the remember option each time when you log in your WordPress site.
  4. Theme My Login: This plugin allows you to theme the WordPress login, registration, password page according to your currently using the theme. With this, you can create a WordPress login page that completely matches the rest of your website. Also, it allows users to set their own passwords and record the old one.
  5. WP Security Question: This plugin allow you to add some security questions in your login page. You can add any question like “what is your favorite color?” “What is your Birthplace?” etc. In this, users also need to fill the security answers; this will add another security layer in your WordPress admin area.
  6. WPForms: It is a contact form plugin which comes with a powerful registration and login add-on. With this, you can create your own WordPress login page and allow you to customize the details. It is easy to create a login form by using this plugin. It is 100% responsive; it works on mobile, desktop, tablet and on every platform. You can see the tutorials to customize the login form from here

These are some of the best WordPress login plugins which help you to make your login page more attractive and also improve the security level of your website. WordPress made the development of website very easy. Beginners who want to go into website designing and development can make their career in this by learning WordPress. You don’t need to learn full coding skills to enter in the web development career field. Anyone can easily make a website by using drag and drop formula. Seekers can start their career in web development by grabbing the web development and web designing jobs opportunities in any big IT or MNC company.

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