Briefing Your Copywriter – Practical Advice and a Proven Checklist


 If you are using content copywriting services you need to give them the relevant and necessary information so that they can write about the specific thing related to your business or services.  Your copywriter helps a lot. Do you know what he is supposed to do right? This is how he can meet your expectations and fulfill your requirements.  If you have no previous experience of working with a copywriter and you don’t know what information to provide then you might end up in a situation where both of you guys will land into confusion and your work will not be up to the mark.  in this case here are some tips that you should keep in mind while briefing your copywriter so that your work is perfect

Tell About Your Brand/Service:

Before discussing the actual details of your work you need to brief your new copywriter about your brand, and the service you are providing for your organization.  This is important because he should be aware of the overall brand strategy,  the things that make you unique, and your brand’s position in the market as compared to your competitors.  information includes the name of your brand and how it should be spelled and it also includes the turn that you would prefer. For example, many industries prefer high pitch tones and others prefer the humorous tones it depends on your brand and audience

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Information About The Product:

Your main job is to sell something directly or indirectly and your copywriter is supposed to help you in this goal.  So you need to make sure that he knows about the service or product that you are offering.  He should be aware of the benefits of the product,  its price, and other details such as what material it is made of.  for instance, if you are selling a digital product then you should discuss its main features and how can it make your life easier

Target Audience:

You cannot do a good business if you are not aware of your target audience.  and this is the most important thing that you should keep in mind.  While drafting a script for you he is supposed to keep in mind the age,  gender,  income,  location, and the level of education of your customers.  you should also present something that triggers your audience and your product and service should be efficient enough to fulfill their requirements and meet their desires

Give Feedback:

In addition to briefing your copywriter about the details of your company and service, it is very important to provide him feedback or other necessary information telling him about his performance.  you can also request revisions in the work on a later basis.  this is helpful because by providing feedback either positive or negative he will be appreciated or in the other case he will try to focus on his work more properly and in this way will deliver quality work for the next time

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