How to Optimize Click Through Rates for MailChimp Campaigns?

How to Optimize Click Through Rates for MailChimp Campaigns?

Do you think that your MailChimp marketing strategy may not be working? If you’ve checked your click-through rate (CTR) analytics and they’re lower than you want, lower than the industry standard, or decreasing with every email, it’s time to make a change (or several).

When subscribers neglect to click the links in your email campaigns, you end up missing out on website traffic, leads and, ultimately, sales. This can have a serious impact on your income, and even make you wonder if you should completely change careers.

To fix this, you have to first think about what it is that makes email audiences want to click links. There are a number of tips and tricks you can try out to see if they make a difference with your CTR. With these strategies, you’ll hopefully get more traffic to your website and, in turn, a lot more sales.

  1. Make sure your subscribers are signing themselves up

MailChimp frowns upon adding subscribers to your list who didn’t agree to be there. Plus, only having people on your list who actually signed up is the best way to improve CTR. Your first step to improving CTR is to add a great opt-in to your website and to entice visitors to signup for your mailing list with some sort of great promise or freebie.

  1. Put thought into the subject line

Your subject line can make or break your CTR (as well as your open rate). You need to write a subject line that interests people to the point where they’ll open the email, and then your email content needs to be what your subject line promised it would be in order to get people to click. Keep the subject line short so the entire sentence can be viewed on a mobile device, and play around with urgency so that your subscribers feel like they have to open and read the email right now.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

MailChimp is excellent for creating mobile-friendly newsletters, but you still have to put some extra thought into layout when creating the newsletter. Most importantly, you want your content to be easily scannable on a small screen ¬– your subscribers shouldn’t see a big chunk of text when they open the email. Bite-sized pieces of information are more enticing, and if you can get people to read the content, they’ll be more likely to click your links.

  1. Keep the reader’s attention

Often, your email links don’t get clicked because people aren’t spending enough time with the email in the first place. To capture and keep the reader’s attention, try out different mediums like GIFs, videos and polls. Some of these can also be tied to offers on lead pages. For example, you can encourage people to take a poll by promising them a great freebie at the end, and that freebie can link to your landing page.

  1. Create segmented lists

When you segment your MailChimp lists, you’ll be able to customize emails based on audience characteristics. Tailoring emails to specific readers means they’ll get content that’s more targeted to them, and that they’ll be more interested in what it is you have to say. For example, keep potential customers separate from current customers so that you can offer them the products or services they’ll be most interested in.

  1. Time your emails right

Timing plays a big role in CTR because if people are receiving your email when they’re too busy to give it a lot of time, they won’t want to click your links. Even though you may think fewer people are checking their email in the evening, you may actually get a higher CTR by sending your emails in the evening, particularly between 8 p.m. and midnight.

  1. Tweak the frequency

You have to strike the right balance between sending your newsletters too often and not sending them often enough. If you send too many emails, you’re going to annoy people to the point where they either unsubscribe or simply ignore your mailers. If you don’t send them often enough, though, your audience will forget a lot about your brand ¬– the message you convey, whether or not they like your content and they won’t have a reason to open your email in the first place.

  1. Create a great call-to-action

A stellar call-to-action (CTA) plays a huge role in your CTR. Not only do you need the CTA to be clear so that your readers know exactly what you want them to do, but it also has to be appealing enough for them to actually do it. Also play around with the location of the CTA – it’s possible the message is great, but it’s just not being seen often enough.

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One Last Thought

Before you get discouraged, keep in mind that progress is what you’re after. Don’t aim for a too-high-to-attain CTR right now. Instead, keep your goals reachable so that you continue to hit your targets along the way.

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