8 Amazing Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

8 Amazing Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

Hair is very important for all women. Women use their hair to make a variety of hairstyles. Some hairstyles require a particular volume and size and not all women can try these styles due to low hair volume and short hair length. In the past, a small number of women experienced a severe form of hair loss but the situation is changing nowadays. More and more women are complaining about the poor health of their hair. It might be due to diet or lifestyle habits. Some hairstyles may also cause hair loss. This article discusses 8 amazing tips to prevent hair loss in women.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair fall is one of the famous ageing signs. Some young women are may also experience this issue due to some reasons. Losing about 50 hair strands per day is normal but losing more than 100 hair strands a day is alarming. The situation can become worse for the women if the required measures are not taken. If you are losing much hair every day, this article will help you make your hair stronger. Please continue reading to know the 8 amazing tips to avoid hair loss.

 1. Do not try Hairstyles that Pull Hair

You need to understand that some hairstyles might be hurting your hair lately. In other words, some hairstyles may contribute to hair loss. Some common hairstyles such as braids, ponytails, cornrows pull hair too much thereby causing tension that leads to breakage of weak hairs. You can try other styles or use best practices to avoid extra tension in the hair.

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 2. Stop using Machines that Heat Hair

Too much heat is not good for your hair. It is bad for your hair to use too warm water or too hot styling tools. Hair ironing is one of the hairstyling items that can damage your hair. The use of hot tools may fracture the hair strand bonds. As a result, the hair becomes brittle and leaves the nest. You have got to avoid heat-producing styling products but if you have to use them, make sure they do not stay at a single point for a long time.

 3. Avoid Harmful Chemicals

The hair treatments that involve different chemicals are as harmful to the hair as the heat. The salons or professionals who straighten the hair chemically can damage your hair. Similarly, hair lightening and bleaching are also harmful to your hair. You can get short-term benefits through hair straightening, bleaching, and lightning but these techniques are not good in the long run. The people who regularly try these techniques are more likely to suffer. The people who try once in a year (or once in two years) are less at risk. Adding fuel to fire, some hair care chemicals are very harmful and regular use can cause hair loss. If you use a chemical for your hair, please consult your dermatologist for possible harm.

 4. Examine your Diet and Frequency

You might not have thought about it but your diet directly affects your skin and hair. The skin and hair need nutrition that some food fail to provide. Foods that contain minerals & vitamins (vitamin B12, iron, and zinc) can strengthen the thinning hair. If you are suffering from hair loss, you may consider your diet. So include nuts, leafy greens, lean meats, beans, and fish if you are losing hair rapidly.

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 5. Try Effective Hair Growth Products

There are plenty of products on the market for hair growth and restoration. If you are a woman with hair loss concerns, you are not alone. More and more women like you are now finding ways to stop hair loss. Different companies are making quality hair loss products. Get the right product for your hair and become unstoppable.

 6. Use Suitable Topical Products

Some topical medications are useful to stop hair loss. So go to the store and buy a topical medication or visit your dermatologist and ask for recommendations.

 7. Regularly do the Scalp Massage

The hair massage is a good technique to trigger hair growth. Make it a habit and the best way to do is the time you take shower. Once you have applied the shampoo and conditioner, the hair massage can be performed.

 8. Make Essential Oils your Friend

Different companies are preparing effective hair care products but essential oils can deliver as well. If you know how to put essential oils to work, you can get promising results for your thinning hair. There are some particular oils that are known for their great benefits for the hair. If you want to make your hair stronger, get rosemary oil, cypress, carrot seed, and lavender.

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