Influencer Marketing Platforms That Will Help to Drive More Sales

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Statistically, 93% of marketers use influencer marketing in their marketing mix. Many brands and agencies have adopted this strategy in their campaign which has resulted in optimum success. Confluencr – An influencer marketing agency, that works both with brands and the influencers, have successfully carried out 30+ brand campaigns. Though influencer marketing is prioritized over other strategies, the industry has its own challenges that need to be looked into by the marketers.

As the leading industry of influencer marketing matures as time goes, more people give their expertise to make the process simpler and straightforward. Influencer marketing platforms act as a support to make life easier for both brands and agencies when managing and working with influencers. It is a software solution that is designed to assist the influencer marketing campaigns. These platforms provide influencer discovery tools, massive searchable databases, etc for influencer marketing agency and brands.

These influencer marketing platforms provide a solution to various challenges in just the clicks apart. Every platform focuses on the following functions:

  • Search and Discovery
  • Contract and contact management
  • Content management for campaign
  • Promotion of the ad content
  • The payment process for influencers
  • Reports and analytics

When a brand or an agency has to start their campaigns, they soon realize that there are a lot of options when it comes to influencer marketing tools. So how do they make a decision with respect to it? When choosing the right platform, they have to be sure that they are going with the right tool that compliments the business needs. Here are some of the effective influencer marketing platforms:


AspireIQ is the major influencer marketing platform for building branded creatives at scale. It is a self-service influencer platform with more than 150,000 influencers in their database, covering all the main social platforms. This platform not only helps to connect to the influencers, but it also helps to create the content for the influencer campaign via its Creator Collaboration Toolkit. This makes AspireIQ a great choice for agencies and brands that want a little more control over their campaign. The platform also has a bunch of cool features like a performance dashboard, quick match recommendations, flexible influencer discovery tool. The quick match recommendation feature uses an AI-powered engine to gather data on influencers and pair them up with suitable brands.

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Upfluence is an influencer platform with an enormous database of over 2.7 million influencers spanning more than 250 industries. This platform is heavily focused on the blogging industry, which makes it an especially useful platform if the brands want to collaborate with the bloggers as part of their campaign. With Upfluence, two tools can be accessed at once; Reachr & Publisher. The former is the tool to find the influencer by just a search function using keywords and filter the results based on tons of metrics. Whereas Publisher allows influencers to come to you. The brands and the agencies create the particulars of their campaign and submit to the community for influencers to apply.


The list would not be complete without mentioning the Traackr. This platform focuses on the long-lasting influence that stretches beyond the initial campaign. The platform expects your success and enables the brand to build a relationship with the influencers and the audience. To facilitate this, the platform focus on influencer relationship management

4.    KLEAR

This platform offers all the features we’ve come to expect from influencer platforms like influencer search, relationship management tools, campaign monitoring, account management, all at a much lower cost.


The great thing about this platform is that it can really help you to nail down your target audience persona before starting the campaign. Originally built as an AI-enabled social marketing tool, that analyzes data from social media platforms to find out the target audience niche. Which is then used to create a persona map for audiences. The platform uses this persona map to trawl to the 30 million influencers on their database and pick out the ones that are most likely to appeal to the customers. It also gives instant access to the date you need to vet those influencers. You can also cross-compare different influencers through its inbuilt comparison tool.

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Top recommendations by many, FameBit is best if the brand is targetting the younger audience. Influencers on this platform tend to be in the ’20s with their followings of much younger crowd. It is also the best platform if the budget is tight as its much more affordable than other platforms. Therefore it is great for smaller businesses or any brand who plans on running a one-off influencer campaign. It works differently than other platforms. Rather than reaching out to influencers, brands can list their own sponsorship opportunities and let content creators and influencers come to you.


This platform also does things differently, it puts influencers not the brands in the driving seat, giving them access to the tools needed to showcase what they can do to the fillest. Influencers in Webfluential create their profiles complete with portfolio, pitch detailed proposals, and build custom quotes to send to brands. This takes a lot of creative pressure off the brands and also gives access to the dedicated influencers that genuinely want to work with the specific brands.

Brands and the Influencer marketing company that is on the lookout to take their influencer marketing strategies to the next level, these are a few of many platforms that will help in all the aspects. Leveraging these platforms helps to connect better with the audience and builds the trustable relationship. And ultimately, it will result in driven sales.

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