5 Essential Apps to Have on Your Phone Right Now

Essential Apps

Each one of us is on the look-out for apps that can make your smartphone a bit more smarter. Whether it’s a new game, an educational app, or something that keeps you hooked on your phone. Every once in a while boredom gets the best of us and we end up finding random apps on iTunes or Google Play Store but very seldom do we find any good apps that are really worth our time.

So, people always ask me what kind of apps should they get. But, there’s simply not one answer to this question. It all depends on your own preferences. There are people who are fitness freaks and would only require apps that’ll help them reach their fitness goals, and then there are people who are big foodies and would want apps relevant to that particular segment only.  We are all unique, so is our likes & dislikes.

But there are some apps that are somewhat essential and anyone who once use them say, “Whoa! We got to have this on our phone for a long time!” So, mentioned below are some apps that you simply can’t resist:

1- Waze – A Bliss For Travellers

Waze is an awesome navigational app that uses crowd-sourced data to notify the other Waze users about the routine traffic jams, any accidents nearby or any speed traps to make your trip safe, smooth and trouble free. It has been downloaded by millions of people around the world and since then it has risen as a community-driven app that is assisting users and making their lives easier.

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2- Pact – A Health App With A Twist 

The pact is an app that makes you healthy & wealthy at the same time. How? Well, it may sound a bit unrealistic, but let’s be clear here, you need a lot of motivation and determination to get fit or reach your fitness goals. Well, that is where Pact comes in. The idea is that you enter your health goals. If you don’t reach them, you have to pay a certain sum to other Pact members, but if you do reach your health goals, other Pact members pay you for achieving your goals.

Sounding a little gimmicky, right? But it has inspired millions of users around the world and the app claims that it has a 92% success ratio. Now, that’s something you definitely need on your phone.

3- Sleep Cycle

 We all, at some point in our lives, have been struggling to get our sleeping patterns right. Right? Well, Sleep Cycle is an app that gauges your sleeping patterns and helps you wake at the right time. It also has an ‘intelligent snooze’ feature which is tailored to your unique waking up patterns. Sounds unrealistic, right? Trust me, it has made a real impact on the people who are sleep deprived.

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4- ExpressVPN

 Are you living in a country or region which has super-strict rules and regulations when it comes to the online world? Well, there are many countries like Russia, China, and some other Asian countries which restrict access for its users of international content, which includes blocking many websites & services. Well, that is where ExpressVPN comes in. ExpressVPN helps you break the chains of geo-restrictions and assist you in accessing websites & services that are inaccessible in your region. It’s a must-have app for someone who’s traveling or a digital nomad because besides giving you international pass of the online world, it also gives you privacy & security benefits too. Have a detail read about ExpressVPN review here as it’ll aid you in better decision making.

5- Mint

Are you planning to keep track of your financials but fail every single time? Well, give Mint a try. Mint helps you in keeping track of your expenses, profits and even tax information. You can also check your credit score anytime. There’s no need for any third-party apps. Remember, it’s never too late to keep track of your spendings, so start now, save more and stay more informed about your money.

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