3 Low-Calorie Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Almost everyone loves a special treat now and then, but it can be challenging to balance your sweet tooth with healthy foods. Fortunately, even if you’re watching what you eat, you can still enjoy a little something after dinner (or whenever the craving strikes). Here are a few unusual ideas to satisfy your sweet craving without compromise.


Some research reveals that certain fragrances such as cinnamon can help balance blood sugar levels and offset sugar cravings. If you’re in the mood for something sugary, the sweet-and-spicy scent of cinnamon oil might just do the trick. If essential oils aren’t your style, flavored vape juices such as smokingthings can give you all of the flavor of your favorite treats, with none of the calories. Simple flavors like chocolate or coffee are great choices, but there are also bold options available that mimic the flavor of favorite desserts such as lemon bars or even donuts.


Naturally sweet teas like cinnamon, rooibos or licorice taste rich, but they won’t impact your waistline. Try different tea blends that incorporate these ingredients, like cinnamon chai, vanilla rooibos or licorice-mint. Stir them into a low-fat milk or alternative milk latte for a really luxurious option. Or, for an alternative to your sugary afternoon caffeine fix, consider ordering one of the naturally sweet teas with a shot of espresso. For a special summer drink, try freezing cubes of naturally sweet tea at home, then popping them into the blender for an icy, refreshing treat. You just might find that tea is your new favorite indulgence.

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Flavored Water

Sugar-free water flavor-boosting drops, tablets or drink mixes can turn your plain water into something sweet and tasty. Flavored sparkling water is another great option for those craving something bubbly. For a little change of pace, a splash of juice and some fresh herbs can bring store-bought flavored water to a whole new level. Lemonade sweetened with stevia is another great option for a little something sweet — try mixing up a batch with or without the bubbly water and herbs for something special. Experiment with the flavor combinations until you find your signature drink, and then try serving it over ice in lieu of high-calorie punch at your next party.

Creative solutions to sugar cravings can help you treat yourself but in a guilt-free way. Many of these options (like aromatherapy and vaping) can even be enjoyed on the go to help keep your sweet tooth at bay, no matter where you are.

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