What Are International Schools and Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Them?

What Are International Schools and Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Them?

It is common for parents of different ages to discuss their child’s education. They ask what school the child attends, whether he/she is enjoying it, and, most importantly, if he is excelling or not.

For first-time parents, conversations like this are a goldmine of information. The information they pick up will eventually help them decide where to enrol their child in the future.

However, one thing that fails to enter this conversation is the international school. These international schools are not a popular topic of discussion due to the lack of information people have. Besides the fact that they are expensive and hard to get into, not much is known about these schools.

This was made as a remedy. Throughout this article, you will find out more about international schools and what they have to offer. By the end, you might even consider enrolling your child in one of them!

What Makes an International School? 

One thing that establishes an international school in Manila is its ability to cater to and serve international families.

Usually, the kids who enroll in this type of school are children of ex-pats. They can also be from families that have to keep moving from country to country due to their parents’ work.

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International schools replicate the curriculum of schools from different countries – another reason they are called international schools. Due to this, kids of those nationalities won’t find it hard to adapt to their environment. It also makes transferring back to their countries easier than if they enrolled at local schools.

That said, it doesn’t mean that these international schools are just for foreigners. There are a lot of benefits to enrolling your child into one of these schools.

What Do International Schools Offer?

When you enter an international school, you’ll notice first and foremost the scale of diversity in terms of race and culture. This diversity allows your child to learn about each culture and satiate their curiosity about the world.

This cultural diversity is also one of the reasons international schools offer several classes in foreign languages. So on top of your child’s mother tongue, he/she can easily learn a second or third language if he/she so desires.

These schools don’t approach teaching the traditional way. It’s not just about the textbooks and whiteboards. Students conduct experiments, go on trips, and explore the outdoors. They aren’t limited to the four walls of the classroom.

Aside from this, international schools also put a focus on different skills outside the academe. They have several programs that help hone physical, social, and emotional skills.

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How Do They Help Child Development?

Children who are enrolled in international schools are exposed to diversity. They can understand cultures beyond their own hence gaining a better view of the world.

The different teaching approach also encourages students to be creative, open-minded, and curious. They are taught to search for knowledge beyond the books. And because they are also taught necessary life skills, they grow up to become competent professionals.

Key Takeaway

It’s not hard to find an international school in Manila or the Philippines, for that matter.

What’s difficult is deciding whether you want to enrol your child in one of these schools. And it’s mostly because you know so little about them. You don’t know whether it is worth it to spend that much on your child’s education.

What we’re saying now is that it is worth it. International schools offer a lot of things that local schools can’t.

Their focus is not only on academics but on the development of your child as a whole. They will help him/her grow up to be the best version of himself/herself!

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