Super Fun Ways for Your Kids to Stay Fit at Home

All parents dream for their child to be fit and healthy, but convincing kids to exercise is a challenge. Most of them prefer the mental stimulation given by gadgets over physical activities or games.

The ongoing global pandemic is no help, making an already problematic task even more difficult. Going to the playground or spending a vigorous day at the beach is not advisable. Even taking long walks carries risks. The more time you spend outdoors, especially where physical distancing is hard to maintain, the higher your chances are to get infected.

If you are one of the many parents with similar concerns, worry no further. Innovative toy companies like Vuly have got you covered. Here are some ways to make exercise fun for your kids with the help of the following toy sets:

The Trampoline

No doubt having a go on the trampoline is a lot of fun, which has been true for many generations. Most parents today have fond memories of lining up and waiting for their turn on their friend’s trampoline.

Not much has changed over the years as it can still offer kids today the same amount of fun. But thanks to innovations made by Vuly, safety nets and paddings now line the perimeter of trampolines, making them infinitely safer.

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Hours of fun at the safety of your own home is well and good, but the trampoline can give much more. Each minute your kid spends bouncing or rebounding is a minute of low-impact anaerobic exercise. It strengthens the leg muscles and tones the core while subjecting the joints to minimal stress.

The combined effects of gravity and the movements on the trampoline also stimulate the lymphatic system, which rids the body of toxins, bacteria, and cellular wastes for cleansing. Countless health benefits and endless fun – not bad for something considered as a toy.

The Swing Set

Swinging is so much fun that it can be hard to see as other than a recreational activity. But parents need to know that it is also a good way for their kids to exercise. To get the swing to work, you have to engage your core muscles constantly. The repeated motion of pushing out and extending your legs, head, and shoulders, then pulling them back in, is similar to doing crunches. Gripping the rope or chain while swinging also strengthens both the upper arm and forearm muscles.

Aside from firming up the core muscles, swinging can also condition the joints, tendons, and ligaments. Like other exercises, it has the added benefit of boosting both their memory and their mood, giving your kids a general sense of well-being. You can even join in on the fun, as you are never too old to swing. It is a perfect way to give your kids some of their best childhood memories and strengthen your bond with them.

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The Monkey Bars

Hanging on to the monkey bars while supporting your body weight requires a lot of strength. It is extremely effective in building the core and upper body strength. Monkey bars used to be a playground staple only, but thanks to toy companies like Vuly, you can have your very own at home. These sets are customisable to fit the size of your family or the level of complexity you prefer. The starter kit is advisable for younger kids who are just starting to appreciate playing on monkey bars. The Ninja Quest set, on the other hand, is designed to push their training to the limit.

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