6 Easy Upgrades To Make Your Bathroom Pop

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No wonder a bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. Sadly, most of the time, your bathroom feels chilly and not welcoming at all, unlike the bathrooms in luxury hotels. A bathroom should be a place where you can relax and let loose while taking a bath after a long and hectic day at work.

In this article today, I am going to highlight a few ways you can upgrade your bathroom to make it more welcoming and pleasant. Don’t you wish to have a luxurious bathroom such as you work for home improvement? If yes, you’re in for a treat.

Implement an Open Floor Plan

If you want to make your bathroom appear luxurious, a small space is not going to cut it. You need to implement an open floor plan so that there is space to move around. An elegantly designed and extravagant bathroom must not be congested.

Moreover, avoid clutter by creating elegant storage spaces that add to the décor of the bathroom. For that, you can add cabinets under the sink, some floating shelves by the shower, and a tub to store all the bathroom essentials.

Upgrade Your Shower Cubicle

There are a lot of things that you need to upgrade in order to make your bathroom pop. From an upflush toilet to a granite sink top and shower cubicle, a bathroom requires lots of effort to blossom. Out of all the things, the shower cubicle matters the most. I believe a shower cubicle can make a statement.

The old, simple shower head is not going to work anymore. Upgrade to a glass-enclosed, walk-in shower cubicle with multiple water jets. It will certainly add a lot of style to your bathroom. It’s not just about getting the shower cubicle made or buying the new equipment; you should also get some high-quality soaps and shampoos for the bathroom to make it look more luxurious.

Add Some New Lights

Good lighting is crucial. Whether it is your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, the interior design and décor are utterly useless if the lighting is not good. It is as simple as that. You may need to separate a considerable amount of money for this as lighting isn’t a game of a few cents.

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Simple overhead lights without any windows can make your bathroom look dull and drab, so in case of no windows, you need to add lights to the bathroom systematically. For example, you can use wall sconces and lamps instead of the usual light bulbs.

If you’re renovating the house, add a lot of windows with one-way glass to the bathroom. It will allow natural light to come in. You may think of it as something insignificant, but upgrading the lighting can instantly make your bathroom appear spacious and extravagant. It is one thing that is sure to make a difference.

Install a Hot Tub

If you have an open budget, the best thing you can do is add a hot tub, preferably Jacuzzi, to your bathroom. The hot tub will add a luxury element to the area, and it will definitely make your bathroom look ten times pricier than its actual cost. Not to forget, a hot tub is extremely convenient. Just imagine coming home after a long day at work and getting into the hot tub to relax and loosen up, wouldn’t it be incredible?

When it comes to adding bathtubs, one of the most common topics of discussion among people is the hot tub vs. Jacuzzi debate. Not many people are aware of it, but Jacuzzi and hot tubs are no different. Jacuzzi is actually a brand that makes hot tubs. It is undoubtedly the most famous brand of hot tubs, and according to the customer reviews, their tubs are the best ones on the block. Still, it all comes down to your budget at the end of the day.

Put Out an Assortment of Decorative Soaps and Towels

Let me introduce you to the primary rule of interior design, ‘if it isn’t pleasing to the eye, it is not worth it.’ Haven’t you observed how interior designers pay attention to tiny bitsy details that are otherwise missed? If you’re a perfectionist, I would suggest you go the extra mile.

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Putting out decorative soaps and towels is a great idea to make your bathroom more welcoming and lavish. You may have seen decorative soaps and additional sets of towels in luxury hotels’ bathrooms. The soaps can add an amazing color as well as fragrance to your space, while additional towels can provide you with a sense of comfort and warmth.

Besides that, you can also keep scented candles in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you use them or merely keep them as decorative pieces, having scented candles at the bathroom countertop is a luxury in itself. If you want to sell the place for its value, it’s an idea you should go with.

Use Soothing and Calm Paint Colors & Tiles

The paint on the walls and the color of the tiles can have a significant impact on your mood and the ambiance of the bathroom. If you want your bathroom to look pricey, I would suggest you go with light and subtle colors for the paint as well as tiles. It is psychologically proven that the colors of a room can affect the mood of a person; thus, light colors are mandatory to make a space appear calm.

Adding to it, try to avoid bright-colored shower curtains and towels as they can go against the whole calming theme of the bathroom. To increase the soothing effect, you can also add some plants to it. The greens will add a touch of nature to the décor, and they’re scientifically considered soothing for the eyes and the brain; therefore, it is another great idea to follow.

Following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you’re sure to set your bathroom on fire! I hope the article helps you out. Have an amazing day, pals!

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