Tech-Savvy Gifts for Musician

The most important task which matters to us people is to keep our loved ones happy. Giving gifts is one of the best choices to make your loved ones happy. The smile which spans across their faces after receiving their present is the ultimate gift to the presenter. The most valuable asset of a musician is his/her capability to create music. So giving a gift related to music will always make a musician very happy. Here are some tech-savvy gifts which any musician will gladly accept are as follows:

  1. Musician’s Dice

Musician’s Dice

The Musician’s dice is a very innovative gift for a musician as it will definitely help him/her to create new music. This 12 sided dice contains notes of each chromatic scale, respectively. The dice is rolled continuously and countless combinations are formed which helps a musician either to compose music or to improvise any musical composition.

  1. Distortion pedals

Distortion pedals

If your musician friend is an electric guitarist and is into rock, blues or metal, this is probably the best gift you can give. The distortion pedals produce a high gain on the audio processing signal which produces growling, fuzzy or gritty sound. It’s used in electric guitars, bass guitars and Hammond organ. There are some best distortion pedals like Boss OD series, Ibanez tube screamer, Pro Co Rat which every guitarist dream of having it.

  1. Condenser Microphone
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Condenser Microphone

The proper gift for a singer is a condenser microphone which is used for recording in a studio. A song recording or music recording through vocal is extremely important for a musician so a gift like this would make him/her very happy. Condenser microphone captures the loud and detailed voice of a singer as it has a good frequency response and transient response. There are many quality condenser microphones in the market like Behringer B-1 Studio condenser microphones, Blue Microphones Snowball series, Samson C-series condenser Microphones and so on which will be a great gift for a singer or vocalist.

  1. Audio Interface

Audio Interface

If your musician friend is trying to set up a home recording studio, or professional studio then gifting an audio interface is the best idea you can get. The audio interface gives the capability of connecting your music instruments including your microphones with computers. Another benefit is that with an audio interface a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is given so you don’t have to spend extra bucks for it. The audio interfaces like Focusrite Scarlett, Presonus, Steinburg etc. are easily available in online markets.

  1. Studio Headphones

Studio Headphones

Most of the musicians have two sets of headphones in which one is used for listening while other is used for recording. So a set of studio headphones is really a great gift for musicians and they would really appreciate it. Generally, the studio headphones have better balance and the transient response than ordinary headphones. So for these reasons headphones like Sennheiser 280 HD Pro headphones, Sony MDR-7506 and so on are one of the best gifts for musicians.

  1. DJ Controllers
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DJ Controllers

If anyone is aspiring to be DJ (Disco jockey) then he/she needs to have a DJ controller. It’s the device which is used to mix different kinds of music and create something new. There are many DJ controllers in the market like Pioneer XDJ-RX, Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 and much more at a reasonable price.SO it is an ideal gift for your musician friend whose dream is to become a DJ.

Conclusion: In the end, gifts are given to make our loved ones happy, so choosing is the most crucial part. If the gifts come in handy to our loved ones then our purpose of giving the gift is complete.

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