How to Run a Successful Public Relations Campaign?

How to Run a Successful Public Relations Campaign?

A well-planned public relations (PR) campaign will be very effective for building a good brand image. Thus it is a vital task for the PR department to launch a series of PR campaigns. JumoreGlobal Insights had talked about some tips for PR strategy. Now we would like to share with you how to run a successful PR campaign.

  • Combine your target with users’ demand

Like all the other campaigns, you need to set up a clear goal closely related to the user’s demand for the PR campaign. To get to know what the users want to receive, you should observe their actions on various channels like social media marketing or their comments on your competitors’ campaigns. You can analyze their demand through the summary of your previous campaigns. The campaign that could not meet the requirements of the users will not get an ideal achievement.

  • Produce creative and unique content

Users will receive numerous information nowadays. But they are not free or patient enough to view all of them. The creative and unique one may make your campaign stand out to attract the users’ attention. Moreover, the content should also own your brand feature so that the users will build brand awareness.

For instance, the BBC is famous for its strong PR strategy. The BBC Scotland’s provided a 360-degree video that showed Glen Coe, a Scottish valley, which made the audience feel that they are just in the valley. This creative perspective benefits both Scotland’s tourist industry and BBC Scotland.

  • Broaden the promotion channels
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It is suggested to promote your campaigns on different channels. The main social media platforms, well-known websites or APPs in your industry, your official websites or blogs, and the traditional media or news websites could be used for your promotion.

In addition to the common channels, you also need to broaden the channels by cooperating with journalists and influencers. Try your best to contact them efficiently; a quick phone call could be a good choice for you to briefly introduce your brand. Ask them to promote the campaign and tell them what they can get from you. Once you have established a cooperation relationship with them, don’t forget to keep in touch with them. Then you will get more common channels.

  • Insert links properly

After the promotion of your campaign, you could check out Fresh Web Explorer and Google News to find articles or presses that mention your campaigns. Then you can contact them to ask whether they can insert your link in their articles by telling them the advantage is that you may help them attract their readers through the campaign. In this way, your campaign will be known by more potential customers.

  • Review the campaign

You need to evaluate the campaign by reviewing, measuring whether you have reached your goals. Data could show a lot. For example, if you have sold as many productions as expected, or if you have attracted enough customers to get to know your brand. On the one hand, you may judge whether your goal is reasonable; on the other hand, you can find how to optimize in your next campaign.

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As for the reviewing report, you could get data from different promotion channels and server of your company, and the feedback from customers could also be considered.

It is the PR campaigns that help your company to build a good image and win more customer or business opportunities. Thus it’s necessary to plan each of the campaigns elaborately.

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