Things To Consider During Restoration of Interior Car Roof

Restoration of Interior Car Roof

The interior roof of a car is called roof lining or headliner that becomes worn with time and years of use. Restoration of car roof lining is essential after a few years of use. A car roof liner gets worn due to a variety of reasons, and exposure to heat is the most common of them.

Whatever may be the reason for the deterioration of the roof liner, you need to restore it at the right time. If the fabric starts sagging only on the edges or corners, you can fix it using some quick solutions, but if the damage is significant, you need a complete restoration or replacement. Let us know in this post about the things to consider while restoring a car headliner.

Know your requirements

The first step in the headliner restoration is to know your requirements, whether you want to repair a small area or the entire fabric with the board. To know the amount of restoration required, you need to inspect the entire roof liner. Sit in your car and inspect the whole ceiling to see the damaged or sagging areas. Moreover, you want to repair yourself or hire a professional to do it.

Choose a method

There are various methods to restore a car ceiling. If the car roof liner is sagging from a few areas, like corners and edges, you can fix it using sequin pins, upholstery glue, or double tape. However, if it is sagging from various areas, you may need to restore the entire roof liner by removing it out of the car. So, the method you choose for restoration depends on the amount of damage and the repair required.

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Bring the restoration tools

If you choose to repair the car roof lining yourself, you need to buy some things like new fabric, upholstery adhesive, tools to clean and repair the headliner. Tools like Philips screwdriver are required to open the nuts and remove the accessories installed on the ceiling of a car. Also, you need to use the same tools while reinstalling the accessories and headliner back in the car.

Take help from a friend

If you choose to restore the roof lining yourself, it is best to take help from a friend or family member. It is difficult to handle the roof liner alone if you decide to remove it and reinstall it after repairing it. So, you will need someone to help you to handle the roof liner board and fabric.

Consult a professional

Once you come to know your requirements, you need to hire a professional if you want complete restoration of the roof lining. Opening and reinstalling the ceiling board and fabric can be challenging to do yourself. So, it would be better for you to hire a professional to restore your car headliner. You can take your car to their garage or ask them to visit your home and perform the restoration.

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Final Words

Restoring the roof lining of a car is necessary to keep it in good working condition. Driving a car with a sagging headliner can put you at risk, as it can fall over the driver or passenger at any time. So, you should get it repaired as soon as it starts sagging. If it is sagging from a large area, get it restored as soon as possible.

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