What It Takes to Be a Live Streaming Gamer on Twitch?

Live Streaming Gamer on Twitch

While many of us may enjoy gaming immensely, and we may even think that we are the best at playing the games we love and enjoy – there is no doubt that we cannot compare to professionals. If you think you have what it takes to become more than just an amateur gamer, here’s what you need to know about live stream gaming on Twitch.

It Isn’t Enough To Have Awesome Gameplay

While you should definitely know how to play well, there is more to live streaming than perfecting your gameplay. If you want to make any money on the platform, you will need to be able to get Twitch viewers to keep coming back. Not only that, you’re going to be good enough for them to want to donate their hard-earned cash towards buying Twitch bits to go into your account. This is not an easy feat and may require a little bit of charisma in addition to the gameplay.

You’ll Need To Invest In Ergonomic Gadgets And Accessories

If you’ve been playing out of a couch or an uncomfortable desk chair, being a professional will require you to get an ergonomic gaming chair and other gadgets such as a special gaming mouse, headphones and much more. Professional gamers may spend hours upon hours on a live stream because that’s considered their day job. Additionally, being more comfortable can improve your gameplay slightly – and when you’re playing on a professional level, even slight differences are crucial. No one wants to watch you stretching because your back hurts from lack of lumbar support. Remember that on Twitch, everything you do is live.

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Expansive Knowledge Of Gaming Is Crucial

Very few gamers focus on a single game. Regardless of the amount of diversity you have on your live streams, you’ll still need to do your research well. It’s important to stay in the loop and read up on all the latest information regarding the games you play. If you are willing to try different games, this means you’ll need to read up on gaming news from multiple sources. You may think you’re already doing this, but this information will help you in commenting on games while you play them. For example, you should know the differences between a new version of the game and older releases, and you should be able to spout out information about the game off the top of your head as you live stream.

Success as a live streaming gamer on Twitch is not as easy as it sounds, and it involves a lot of hard work. Many people give up because they are not bringing in enough viewers – usually due to their lack of research and dull broadcasts. If you are able to bring life to your live streams and have the charisma needed to entertain your audiences, then all you need is to be highly interested in gaming culture and you can easily find success. If you’re only a light gamer, then there’s an uphill battle ahead of you.

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