Interesting Facts About the Beautiful Lilies

Lily is among the most loved and adored blossoms around the globe. The large petals, impressive looks, and an attractive aroma conquer the hearts of numerous people throughout the world. It has a distinct meaning in different cultural arrangements all around the world. In China, this flower is the most popular wedding blossom as it relates to everlasting love. Lilies are a part of the Liliaceae family. There are maybe more than hundreds of categories of these flowers, and a large number of them lie in the Northern Hemisphere- Europe, North America, and Asia, and that is due to tropical climates or temperate that are favorable for its development. Lilies signify royalty, beauty, renewal, elegance, good luck, rebirth, fertility, purity of the soul, and youthful energy. Did you know that these beauties are among the top ten perennials in the world? Indeed, they are a great option if you want to send flowers in Chandigarh to your loved ones.

However, there are several fascinating facts to know about these beautiful gifts of nature.

  1. There is no “off-season” like things for these blooms as they rarely go dormant. Lilies are enduring plants and can breed quite well without needing human mediation. These flowers are resourceful and can grow from both seed or bulb. Lilies grow anywhere within 2 to 6 feet in height.
  2. Besides yellow, white, pink, and red lilies, there is also something known as Tiger Lily that possesses an orange hue and bears brown freckles or spots.
  3. These flowers are pretty social and extrovert. However, they can’t flourish properly all alone. Please place them in an assortment of 4 or 5 and witness how rapidly and fantastically they grow.
  4. The flower merchants are consistently earning the right amount of profit with these flowers. Why? You ask! It is because people choose lilies for their longevity as a cut flower. Those vase arrangements or bouquets of these blossoms come with a tremendous lifespan to stupefy your office or home or in whichever place you keep them! Well, the method is to get rid of the pollen from the middle to make these flowers live longer.
  5. These blooms are toxic for cats but gentle to humans. So, please make sure that you keep your beloved cat far away from these beauties.
  6. As mentioned earlier, lilies possess a fascinating aroma that creates a positive impact on our minds. But the tiger lilies and white lilies are the only ones that consist of that pleasant and irresistible aroma. So, whether it is for your garden or a bundle of these blooms for your home, do keep this in mind when purchasing a lily plant with online flower delivery in Gurgaon.
  7. According to Greek folklore, the God of Healing – Apollo, introduced Aesculapius, his son, to Lily of Valley while training him on the art of healing.
  8. In Chinese culture, this flower is also an emblem of healing. Chinese people offer these flowers to those relatives or friends who are recuperating from the loss of a dear one or experiencing heartache. There is a firm conviction that this bloom aids in recovering from anxiety or depression.
  9. Yes! These flowers are also edible! People in China love to eat on dry lily bulbs. They are either used to make a proper vegetable or to garnish food. One such popular meal is known as “Buddha’s Delight” or “Jai.” People make this dish on New Year’s day as it attracts good luck!
  10. Stargazer lilies or Pink lilies signify encouragement and ambition, while white flowers indicate purity and innocence. Red lilies symbolize passion and can be offered as a wedding day gift or while proposing to someone. Golden or yellow lilies signify healing and good health.
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To embellish your home before any significant occasion or festival, choosing these beautiful flowers would be an ideal choice. As a side table, center table, conference hall, or office reception décor as well, the flower composition of lilies is gratifying. Another great year with numerous events and occasions has arrived, and you can plan and order with the facility of flower delivery in Chandigarh online and have a great time.

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