5 Smart Instagram Tips and Tricks for Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers

Instagram is the best social media application for travel brands or bloggers, who post stunning images of mountains, beaches, monuments, forests, deserts, and so on. As a travel business or blogger, you would like to see your Instagram photos and videos doing well on social media with increased likes, comments, and followers. Your posts should build enough user engagement so that people come to know about your travel business.

These days, experienced travel bloggers make the best use of Instagram analytics tools to meet their goals. Did you know that travel is the most widely used hashtag on this photo-sharing platform? Even travel photographers use Instagram to make their photos reach out to larger audiences with increased likes and comments. Here are five Instagram tips for travel brands or bloggers:

  1. Write engaging and persuasive captions

A picture is worth a thousand words, this adage is true when it comes to Instagram posts for travel bloggers and businesses. Then, that does not mean that you will not write smart and engaging captions for your Instagram photos and videos. For instance, if you are in a Hawaii beach location and post images of pristine, sandy beaches, a relevant caption will make your visuals pop and add more value to your IG content. Then, you need to write clever, engaging, and insightful captions in simple words that pique the audience interest.

You should write captions to add pizzazz to your IG images and videos. The caption will explain the story behind the visual or the meaning of the video to your followers. If you can create stunning Instagram photos with the right captions, your posts will garner numerous likes and comments in little time.

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As far as travel bloggers are concerned, they make the most out of IG captions, often re-use them from their blog articles, and share the same on their Instagram posts.

  1. Choose a unique travel niche for more engagement

Did you know that about 800 million Instagrammers log on to the platform each month? IG has numerous users, and a majority of them specializing in travel-related photos and videos. It means that it could prove a tad challenging for you to kick-start your travel page when so many users are always using the travel niche. Then, what are you supposed to do? Well, fret not. We have the answer to your Instagram marketing strategy for your travel brand.

You can make your IG travel posts stand out amid the noise and crows by choosing a unique or unreserved niche. You can pique audience interest by choosing a niche that your followers like – some specific kind of travel experience. When you choose something new, the content will garner more likes, buy Instagram comments, and gain increased online visibility and user engagement. Therefore, avoid posting generic travel niches and post high-definition images or videos of a challenging trekking experience where tourists do not frequent so much.

  1. Develop a considerable following to make some cool bucks

Did you know that Instagram is about influencer marketing and people make money on the platform? Yes, it is possible if you post the best quality content and have a huge number of followers. Marketers know that influencer marketing works wonders on Instagram. According to a study, more than 95 per cent of marketers using some kind of influencer marketing tactic think that the strategy works.

That is the reason why bloggers or brands are joining the IG influencer marketing bandwagon. Travel bloggers who manage to build a huge following or high level of user engagement can make some quick money from Instagram. You too can monetize your Instagram posts in a useful way provided you know the rules of the game.

  1. Focus on analytics tools to boost your content

Your posts should attract more followers and build considerable engagement on IG. Then, to determine whether your content is performing or not, you need to spend some time using analytics to figure out what your followers like and dislike.

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These days, you will find Instagram analytics tools that come at affordable prices. You will also learn about the ideal time to post photos and videos on Instagram for garnering maximum likes, comments, and exposure.

When you invest in analytics tools, you will learn what kind of content resonates with your Instagram audience, especially your followers. This way, you can also pique the interest of your prospective customers. You can use tools to understand which IG hashtags to use for increased social media visibility.

  1. Make the best use of IG Stories

Travel bloggers and brands are using Instagram Stories because more than 250 million users use this feature. When it comes to stories, they provide travel businesses or bloggers the best way to post some behind-the-scenes shots of your travel tours and adventures. It will help you to attract more followers.


Keep these IG tips and tricks in mind to make your travel content work wonders for your business or blog. Use nothing but the best quality photos, videos, IG Stories, Reels, IGTV content, and other features of the social app.

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