How to Edit and Put Page Numbers in PDF Files

To organize the pages of your PDF files, it is best if you put page numbers. Page numbers put a sequence to your file and are usually located at the bottom part of the document. Page numbers make it easier for the viewers of the file to navigate it. If you printed the file, you could refer to the table of contents to find what page you are looking for. If you’re viewing the file using an e-reader, you can simply search the page number using the search button. 

If you’re working on a research paper, thesis, novel, or e-book, you need to put page numbers. But if you are in a rush and need to put page numbers to your PDF file, you might not have the time to look for a computer and open software to edit it. This is when you can use a web-based tool like PDFBear. PDFBear is a powerful PDF converter tool that you can access even using your phone. PDFBear uses cloud technology to use, whether you are using any operating system and browser without the need to download any application. 

How do I add page numbers to my PDF? 

If you are thinking about how to add page numbers to PDF, then you’re in the right article. Visit and then click Number Pages. PDFBear also has a short tutorial on how to use the tool. Upload the PDF file that you want to add pages to. Wait for the file to be uploaded. Once it is done, you can choose where to place it. You can either put it at the top part of the page or the bottom part of the file. You may also choose the typography or declare the first page is a cover page, so PDFBear doesn’t put a page number to it. Click Number Pages once you have decided where to put the page numbers. Wait for PDFBear to convert it into a new file. After a few seconds, your new file is ready for download. You can even upload the new file to your Dropbox, share the file via email, or even send the link to other people. 

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Contrary to popular belief, you can still page numbers to your PDF file despite PDF files being uneditable. All you need is a powerful tool like PDFBear. 

Is PDFBear safe to use?

As stated in PDFBear’s privacy policy, the website will not analyze the content of any uploaded and processed files. All processed and uploaded files will be deleted from the PDFBear server after one hour. PDFBear’s servers have limited access and are strategically placed for the safety and privacy of all users. PDFBear is also SSL-encrypted. Whether you are working on a school requirement or something confidential, you are safe from hackers, malware, viruses, and attacks. Users are free to edit their account type or cancel their accounts at any time. 

Is PDFBear free to use? 

The basic features of PDFBear are free of charge. PDFBear will not ask you to leave any personal information or even sign up to use the basic features. However, if you want to do unlimited tasks, the largest file size per task, no ads, an unlimited amount of OCR tasks, and unlimited file storage, you can subscribe to PDFBear Pro. If you are someone who deals with PDF files daily, subscribing to PDFBear Pro is worth it. Per month you only have to pay $9.99 per month to use all the premium services. You can even do a 7-day trial for free!

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You can always depend on PDFBear

When it comes to everything PDF-related, PDFBear is the most reliable PDF converter tool. Adding page numbers to your PDF files is a piece of cake for PDFBear. It uses powerful, cloud-based technology to ensure that all users are safe and can do any action in just a few seconds. Adding page numbers to your PDF files make it look more organized, professional, and presentable. Furthermore, page numbers make it easier for people to navigate the PDF file. Compared to other web-based tools, PDFBear is more affordable and convenient to use. No need to download any software or application that will just occupy memory storage and slow down your device. 

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