English Grammar Learning Tips and Tricks

English grammar

Keeping track of all English grammar lessons becomes challenging, especially if you prepare for competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and GOE. However, it is a non-skippable topic and comes in handy even during English listening, speaking, and writing tasks.

Moreover, people with a good grasp of English grammar can open doors to jobs like translator, writer, speaker, press secretary, etc. A few tips and tricks can prove helpful to remember or recall English grammar whenever required.

5 Useful English Grammar Learning Tips and Tricks

Avoid Common Spelling Errors

Often English learners mix up spelling like accept with except or affect with effect. Similarly, there are many other words such as their/there and to/too that get mixup, especially while writing blogs, news pieces, press releases, etc.

The best method to avoid these errors is by making sentences using each word until you become clear about the meaning. After that, take a break from correcting spelling errors for a few days and then re-attempt an online test or making similar sentences to find the remaining errors.

Go Back to the Basics

Review the basic English lessons taught in school before making any judgment calls or taking an online grammar test. Simultaneously, start learning lessons and attempting ten years CBSE or ICSE papers for the language.

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While reviewing, you might come across forgotten terms, phrases, and quotes. The best approach to keep them memorable for the long term is by making rhymes, poems, or short forms. These can even help to recall lessons and common mistakes time and again.

Join a Class

A tutor is the best option for new English language learners or self-learners who doubt and lack self-confidence. By attending a one-to-one session with an experienced trainer, you can become professional in English writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Additionally, IELTS preparators can get Oxford-level study material and tests to crack the exams in the first attempt. Optionally, you can take offline group classes to improve spoken English and interpersonal skills.

Find a Study Partner

The easiest method to maintain an English grammar lesson routine is by finding a study partner. However, the most probable options include online groups and forums or asking a friend. But, a third option includes hiring an experienced trainer.

Unlike friends, family members, relatives, or unknown internet learners, a teacher would provide lessons depending on the current aptitude and aim. Moreover, you can even learn competitive-level English by attending IELTS classes.

Proofread aloud

Often self-learners leave out finding fill-ups to autocorrect extensions or apps. It is a common habit increasing due to texting practising on conversation apps. Fortunately, reading out a rewritten new piece, blog, or press release eradicates mistakes and diminishes the need for a partner.

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Moreover, it is one of the best practices to learn about common and personal errors. As a result, your grammar mistakes decrease, and your learning pace increases. It is more effective than reading material without speaking and enhances self-learning without guidance. Here is the best institute providing online english grammar classes.

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