Five Digital Marketing Tactics to Strive and Thrive in 2020


With rapid globalization in the industry, businesses are feeling the pressure to remain ahead of the curve. Although emerging technologies are changing consumer interests, it is also bringing resources that help predict changing behaviors. The new decade is bustling with tech-savvy tools, smart gadgets, and incredible opportunities, leaving no room for conventional marketing practices. Therefore, entrepreneurs should start leveraging digital tools to anticipate trends, boost conversions, and skyrocket sales.

Digital marketing is not a unique or new concept, but the latest technological innovations are raising the bar. People are reaping the benefits of the online world by ordering everything on their doorsteps. Similarly, businesses have a platform to reach a global audience, helping them grow. As the competition is intensifying, standard digital marketing strategies won’t make your business succeed. You have to hold onto the trends and discover tactics that can give you an edge over competitors.

Let us ease your curiosity with some tips and tricks. Here we are unfolding five digital marketing tactics to strive and thrive in 2020.

  1. Augment Content Marketing Strategy

The technological revolution is evolving marketing practices, but the content is still the king. You have to engage in content marketing to spread your message across. However, in 2020, short blog posts are not getting your brand anywhere. Blogs that are at least 3,000 words long attract the most traffic as readers want to explore topics in-depth. Surprisingly, this long-form content gives marketers more scope for targeting keywords.

Therefore, invest in eBooks to boost your organic search rankings while providing value to the reader. If you think creating fresh content is challenging and time-consuming, use this website for ebooks creation and make them in two minutes. It takes content from different sites and puts it together in an appealing template, improving your rankings on the search engine.  After all, the more content available to consume, the more time users spend on your site.

  1. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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In the modern era, AI is the most significant commercial opportunity for companies, nations, and industries. It analyzes consumer behavior and their search patterns to help businesses understand customers. One exciting example of AI is chatbots. These are instant messaging bots that can chat with customers in real-time at any hour of the day. Instead of generating automated replies, they respond to customer queries effectively and can recall their buying history.

Customers will soon prefer interacting with chatbots as they never lose patience while offering outstanding customer service. Moreover, the voice-powered assistants and personalized marketing have only become possible with the help of AI.

  1. Hop onto Social Media

The wonders of social media marketing are no surprise to anyone. Alongside creating your business profile and advertising, explore the additional features. If you are marketing on Instagram, use hashtags to enhance search visibility. Likewise, if you are more active on Facebook, hop onto Facebook live. You can give a small physical store tour to an online audience while addressing their queries simultaneously. Utilize the cross-streaming messages – Facebook’s integration of messaging functionalities on Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Apart from this, focus on building communities by creating social media groups, allowing you to engage with customers.

  1. Optimize for Visual Search

These days, users are looking forward to a unique experience. So, why not amaze them with the feature of visual search? It lets people upload an image to search, helping them get more specific results. You have to create a lens, visual search tool for your website that can find accurate results. Thus, consider optimizing the visual search for the top categories – fashion, home décor, art, food, travel, vehicle, beauty, etc.

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Is it worth investing in visual search? Stats suggest 60% of the millennials prefer visual search capabilities on the website. If you wish to win over competitors, jump on the visible search trend in 2020 to serve customers with the perfect product. However, ensure the website interface supports this feature without affecting the loading speed.

  1. Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

As e-commerce forums are growing at alarming rates, start maximizing your opportunities for sale. In March 2019, Instagram came up with the checkout feature. How about you apply for this button? It decreases the risk of customers abandoning their purchasing because they have to switch between apps. Likewise, you can create an online store on the Facebook profile that directs people to your website.

All the shoppable posts promote accessibility for the customers, resulting in impulse buying. On the other hand, it makes it effortless for businesses to reach new customers since they know who is engaging with their posts.

Wrapping Up:

Every business desires to climb up the success ladder, but traditional strategies are no longer compelling. We are heading towards an era where customer service plays a crucial role as they want to be heard and understood. Fortunately, top digital marketing trends in 2020 are all about enhancing user experience. Marketers generate long content, optimizing for voice and visual searches while improving accessibility through shoppable posts to make the business thrive.

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