Comparison between Realme 1 and Realme 2

We’re going to compare two very popular smartphones. First one is Oppo Realme 1 which was launched some time back and the other one is Oppo Realme 2 which has been announced this week. Now in this article, we will be comparing these devices quickly to let you know which a better device is for you according to your preferences


Starting with the design and build quality, both the devices have nearly identical dimensions even though you get a bigger 6.2-inch display in case of Realme 2 as compared to a 6-inch display present on Realme 1. Both come with this polycarbonate construction and have a similar diamond effect on the backside. The back looks very identical in both the devices and you do get dual camera plus a fingerprint sensor addition in case of Realme 2 whereas there are a single camera and no fingerprint sensor on the backside in case of Realme 1. Now if you have to choose one based on the design and build quality both the devices feel equally good and we can’t really a select one just based on the build quality as they both have the same kind of enhance feel those Realme 2 does feel slightly heavy but that is due to the fact that it comes with a bigger battery but in case of design, the notch design looks slightly more appealing when compared to this 18:9 display present on a Realme 1.


Coming to a display part you get this full HD plus 18:9 display in case of Oppo Realme 1 whereas you get this HD plus 6.2 inches 19:9 display in case of Realme 2. Now the company has downgraded the display when it comes to their resolution but the size has been increased slightly. So if you prefer higher resolution display, then Realme 1 still has an edge over Realme 2, but if you need slightly bigger displays just for videos and some games then Realme 2 might be more appealing as it will also save some battery.

Hardware and Software

Now coming to the hardware and the software part, in terms of hardware you get snapdragon 415 case of Realme 2 as compared to MediaTek Helio P60 case of Realme 1.Realme 2 will be available in 3gb and 4gb ram variants along the 32 and 64gb storage variants whereas you can buy Realme 1 up to six GB of RAM and 128 GB storage. Realme 1 nearly doubles in terms of AnTuTu benchmark scores. If we talk about the sensors, both the devices comes with all the major sensors that you need whether a step counter, step detector, magnetic field, gyroscope, game rotation, accelerometer etc. Both the devices can handle multitasking and gaming as well but when it comes to high-end gaming and very intensive gaming then Realme 1 is the winner. Yes, Realme 1 performance is better than Realme too when it comes to high-end games or CPU or GPU high usage applications which demand more CPU and GPU resources. So Realme 1 is better in terms of overall performance


Coming to the camera you get a 13 megapixel back camera in case of Realme 1 as compared to a 13+2 megapixel camera in case of Realme 2. They both have 8-megapixel front-facing cameras. Both the devices have digital zooming even though you get a dual camera and the secondary is a depth-sensing camera in Realme 2. Reviews say that the back camera works well on Realme 1 compared to Realme 2. Due to the fact that the company said they are working on the software bugs and there would be a software update for Realme 2 which will improve the overall camera experience. Now the front camera is more or less same on both the devices but the back camera works slightly better in case of Realme 1


In terms of battery, you get a smaller 3410 mAh battery in case of Realme 1 as compared to a bigger 4230 mAh battery in case of Realme 2 which will definitely give you a much better battery life. due to the fact that you get a lower resolution display here and a bigger battery size so overall which is a better device

Other Features

Moving to the other feature you do get a fingerprint sensor in case of Realme 2 which is not present on Realme 1. They both have dual sim plus a dedicated micro SD card slot. both support Wi-Fi Bluetooth and normal connectivity features


So if you are looking for a performance-oriented device for playing high-end games smoothly and a better resolution display then you should look towards Realme 1 but there is no fingerprint sensor on Realme 1 and if you need a fingerprint sensor it is a must requirement for you, then you can look at Realme 2 which offers you a fingerprint sensor and a dual camera but at the same time a lower resolution display. Although the resolution of the display is lower, it offers you a bigger 6.2-inch display. If you look at the prices you can see a Realme 2 is cheaper than Realme 1 so that makes it a more affordable device

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