Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram

Graphic Design Mistakes

Instagram has become an essential promotional tool for many brands as it can quickly reach out to a broader audience group. Companies use this platform to grow and maintain their online presence. One cannot doubt this social media platform’s ability to do wonders for any business or individual. However, specific marketing strategies can doom everything. As you know, this networking channel is more about aesthetics. If you want your account to stand out from the crowd, you have to take care of this aspect. And when you talk about visual appeal, you have to reckon with the contribution of graphic design.

Some brands fail to attract followers, and others tend to lose them over time because of the inappropriate or wrong choice of graphic design elements. If you want to be wary of this situation, it’s better to learn about mistakes that are best to avoid. Here is a quick look into them.

Inconsistent visual representation

People follow any Instagram feed in anticipation that something incredible may come their way from a particular brand. The role of content is relevant, but it primarily helps remove the risk of boredom. Its consistency in design and aesthetics tends to be more critical. A uniform appearance contains a lot of recall value. The audience sees it as a mark of reputation, stability, and trust. To ensure you give them a consistent experience, you can create a style guide for content visualization. The team can refer to it for making and uploading content on the social media channel. You need to keep some elements in mind, such as the choice of colors, brand voice, writing style, typefaces, and filters and editing apps, etc.

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The temptation to use different tools and methods can deter your focus from the objective. You have to remind yourself that there is a purpose why you arrange words and patterns in a specific style. It helps you communicate crucial things. If you remember this, you will find it easy to move from one design to another while manifesting your plans.

Textual and typeface hodgepodge

When an unseasoned graphic designer works on a creative piece, their lack of understanding of different typefaces and textual styles can affect the whole design. The elements would look uncoordinated. Due to this, followers can leave your profile, and competition can highlight your goofs. That’s why it is necessary to be wise with the selection of design and use of words. If you brush up your knowledge of typography well, you can come up with fantastic designs. As a general rule, a graphic designer uses two text styles to do away with confusion and create a neat design.

An attractive design can draw the attention of many followers. However, to give it an initial push for visibility, you can check Instagram likes from a vendor at a reasonable price. The incremental likes can expose your content to more audience and thus great success.

Poor quality images

Everyone knows Instagram is all about the visual treat. Hence, anything that you post here must do justice to this fact or to generate interest among the potential target groups. You cannot put up any picture and hope that it would garner enough attention. You don’t have to be an expert photographer to ensure the quality of the image. You can use natural light and good backgrounds to shoot one even with an ordinary camera. Don’t post anything that lacks quality. If there is urgency, you should consider using photo editing tools for refinement.

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Some designers fall back on stock images for convenience. But these images are so familiar that most of the followers have already seen them somewhere. Hence, it will not have any surprise element for them. It would be best if you don’t take a short route to this and use stock images for the purpose. It can make your brand look amateurish.

Ordinary design

Not being innovative can add another blow to your creative design abilities. A graphic designer has to differentiate its work by capturing vital elements. For example, you can add unique shapes, layouts, and colors aligned with the overall brand theme and are impactful. It doesn’t mean you can do anything you wish. The design should reflect brand values and messages so that audience doesn’t get confused. Otherwise, they can go to your competitor to avoid clutter and illusion. Make sure you analyze the design before posting it on social media. If it looks out of place with brand communication, you may have to drop it.

There are many things that a graphic designer has to keep in mind to serve the ultimate goal of the brand. They need to clearly understand business expectations and what users want from a brand. Only then can they communicate the right message through their visualization, design, and efforts.

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