Bone Marrow Transplant Procedure in India

Bone marrow is an essential matter in our body which helps to produce the blood cells line white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Bone marrow therapy is a special kind of therapy which is made for the patients who are suffering from some specific disease or cancer. The main purpose of this procedure is the replacement of the damaged bone marrow by the healthy bone marrow.

Reasons for making bone marrow transplant

The bone marrow transplant is performed for many reasons, and here is listed some general reason for making bone marrow transplant.

  • Sometimes, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are made for the treatment of cancer, then the bone marrow of the patient gets damaged. As a solution to this problem, a bone marrow transplant is performed.
  • When patients suffer from genetic diseases which affect the organs as well as the bone marrow, a bone marrow transplant is made.
  • When bone marrows or stem cells of the patient are defective or abnormal, these can be replaced by the bone marrow transplant.

The procedure of bone marrow transplant

The procedure of the bone marrow transplant can be made differently according to the ability of the patients for a tolerance of specific medication, type of diseases for which bone marrow transplant is made. Here is given some steps which are included with the procedure of the Bone Marrow Transplant in India treatment.

  • Powerful chemotherapy or radiation therapy is made before making the bone marrow transplant. This is essential for the treatment of certain diseases and making sufficient space inside the bone marrow for developing the new cells. This therapy is named as myeloablative or ablative, which affects the bone marrow. When myeloablative cannot produce blood cells, the new stems need an empty bone marrow where these cells can grow and can create new blood cells.
  • After making potent chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the bone marrow transplant is made by a central venous catheter which is not a surgical process. As a result of this, the stem cells begin to produce healthy blood cells.
  • It is essential to prevent complications, side effects, and infections after making the bone marrow transplant. Some supportive care can be taken as the solution to these problems, like the cleaning of the environment, strictly measuring input and output fluid, frequently making blood test and monitoring of specific signs.
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Future of Haematology

Haematology is considered a very nascent subject in our country, and the future is very bright. Today, there are so many hospitals in India where the patients will be able to go for treatment. It is expected that cellular therapy can be made for the treatment of haematological malignancy. There is another expectation for gene therapy. The research is going on gene therapy which can be able to add on to the armamentarium of the bone marrow transplant. As a result of this, the doctors will be able to offer a cure to most of the patients who will come to them for the Bone Marrow Transplant in India treatment.


The research work is going on for the development of the treatment of bone marrow transplants. Many hospitals are available where the patients can get quality treatment.

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