Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2018

Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2018

Social media is not just a vital platform for people to share their daily life, but also an indispensable tool for enterprises to broaden the business. We’ve concluded the elements to perform a successful social media marketing; however, along with everything else in inbound, social media is continuously changing. With the new techs emerging, marketers have to stay up to date on the trends of 2018, are you ready for the battle of social media marketing? Let’s see what the trending strategies that are worthy of trying in 2018.

Video content plays an increasingly important role.

Videos like the live videos, the videos elaborately made or those uploaded by the users themselves, which are creative or engaging could attract more audience on the social media platforms. It’s just an excellent opportunity for marketers to plan for their SNS market strategy. And the social media platforms improve the functions of videos which could be used by marketers to promote. For example, 360-video, Live Video, and Lifestage of Facebook could be the proper choice. More video products will be produced in 2018.

Mobile-friendly content can never be neglected.

It is estimated that smartphone users will reach 2.53 billion this year. And people always prefer to utilize social media on smartphones and other smart devices. About 80% of users visit Facebook through mobile devices. Thus you need to produce mobile-friendly content, taking webpage design, typesetting, and length of text or video into consideration. Or you may lose some business opportunities on social media platforms. 

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New technology will be used more widely.

With the rise of new technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, social media platforms will be likely to find more methods to combine their features with the latest technology. You may use VR to show your products vividly through social media. And VR video shared on social media will influence the audience more deeply. What’s more, new technology may help you study in 3D circumstance. Therefore, it’s time for marketers to enrol themselves in new technology strategy social media marketing strategy.

Influencers own abundant promotion resource.

Influencers who have large numbers of followers always act as the potential cooperators of the marketers. Users like to trust the content spread by those influencers. More marketers will invite influencers to create or share content through their social media accounts. Over 90% of marketers think their influencer marketing on social media platforms is successful.

The right influencer is half of the success. The influencer could be the dominant media, industry leader or even CEO or staff of your company on the social media platforms; firstly, you could start from the dominant media which owns numerous potential audiences or fans, as content released by such media can be transmitted to the audience at the first moment. Secondly, industry leaders who have authoritative advice will help you spread useful information to precise viewers. In the B2B area, what attracts the audience is the related content to their business. Thus they would like to get information from the industry leaders.

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More rigorous content review on a social media platform

Social media platforms have already launched some policy to avoid unreasonable advertisement. The content monitoring will be stricter. Staff and monitors will review the content and take comparative measures to control the ads. Marketers need to cooperate with social media platforms according to their rules.

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