AR Could Be the Next Trend in 2018

AR Could Be the Next Trend in 2018

Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information and the real-time environment. This is somewhat different from virtual reality, in which a user creates an artificial environment, whereas in an augmented reality user can add new information on the existing environment.

The use of AR on mobile devices is an innovative way to target audience. The use of this technology is increasing in different fields and this will continue in 2018. Recently a furniture app was released, which allows its customers to place the furniture in their house in an entirely new way and check how it looks like. This app enables to use of 3-D objects in a contextually relevant way. Mobile users can do it by using their camera and scanning the area.

In 2018, augmented reality will emerge as a new way to transform nearly every field. It will transform digital healthcare, financial services, construction, landscape, and others as well.

Mobile gaming

In recent years, mobile gaming has increased significantly and it looks like that 2018 will not be an exception. Mobile market may experience saturation if developers will not innovate new ways to stand out. AR is one such thing, which has immense capabilities to bring in a new experience.

Augmented Reality games are in the front row of the top games. In the present scenario, this is one of the fantastic concepts to play your favorite games by adding new characters. AR games have the feature of capturing new creatures. You can fight with aliens coming to attack your planet; you will love the experience of defending your kingdom in the real world. To experience this and more, you do not need to invest in expensive headsets and AR-enabled mobile device, a smartphone is sufficient.

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Geolocation games are much sought after and exciting genre in the field of AR games. You will be astonished to see that they use real-world maps and locations in creating the gaming environment. You are offered with a unique plot to play your game with fantastic creatures and amazing tasks to complete.

When you have a GPS inbuilt device in your hand, you are supposed to move in your neighborhood and play the game. Pokémon Go is one such game, which has earned significant earnings and has several Guinness records to its name.

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