8 Mobile App Development Trends to Keep You Ahead of the Game in 2018

Mobile App Development

Almost thousands of apps are daily added to the Google Play Store and the Apple App store as well. However, if you perceive this as a sign of saturation in mobile app development, then you would need to reconsider your perception.

This is because this is just the beginning and in 2018 also you can witness this giant revolution. You too can become a part of it by contributing some noteworthy mobile apps.

Before you decide to outsource mobile app development, find out which trends would be the next big thing in 2018:

Trend #1: AR would continue to turn heads

Since 2016, Augmented Reality (AR) has been hitting the headlines; remember Pokémon Go? Even in 2018, AR is expected to make it big and make the smartphone even smarter device.

Especially, mobile apps for retail shops or eCommerce businesses would leverage AR to engage their customers better and provide them with an opportunity to try the products virtually.

The coming year also, this technology would continue to excite the consumers, and we would see more of AR-based mobile apps.

Trend #2: AI would be the new norm

Another technology which would get integrated into our daily lives with day-to-day applications is artificial intelligence (AI). Syncing of email, social media and SMS would become standard. Days are not far when your smartphone would pick keywords and phrases from your message and provide you with an app option that is suitable for your needs.

Technology would share most of your responsibilities and bring more convenience to your day-to-day activities. You would see more of an AI-chip integrated mobile phone in 2018.

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Trend #3: Location-based functionality would continue to grow

Many leading brands are already making the most of location-based services through their mobile apps. They are winning over their customers with real-time location-based offers and advertisements. Even small and medium businesses would be able to offer their best deals to their app users based on their location.

Trend #4: Security of apps would gain importance

Your smartphone holds a lot of personal and sensitive information, and a security breach can put your integrity at stake. Even mobile apps for businesses are also reservoirs of critical data that can be attractive targets for cybercriminals who leverage big data for making profits.

Trend #5: The development of smart apps for Smart homes will gain momentum

This year you could gain control over the locks, lights and other networked appliances of your smart home right from your mobile just from anywhere in the world. Now with a single tap on your mobile screen, you can control your smart TV.

So, you would get to see more of these revolutionary ideas in 2018, as this trend makes it big in the coming year.

Trend #6: Mobile apps payment integration would evolve and will continue

Mobile payments are evolving gradually, and it would continue to do so with advancements in technology. According to a research report by Juniper Research, more than 1 billion mobile wallets were in use worldwide in 2017. This number is expected to grow in 2018 and thus ensuring highly secure and intuitive mobile transactions.

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Trend #7: Complementary mobile apps for IoT devices will see a significant increase

Did you ever imagine controlling connected devices via your smartphone? Today tech giants have made it a hardcore reality, and in 2018 best app development companies are going to harness maximum profit from this trend. This trend is expected to influence many sectors, including healthcare, education, and automobiles.

So we would see a significant increase in mobile apps integrated with wearable devices in 2018.

Trend #8: Hybrid apps would take over native ones

Although expensive to develop native mobile apps are holding the monopoly in providing an intuitive and seamless experience to your customers.

However, in 2018 mobile application specialists would utilize their HTML and JavaScript knowledge to create hybrid apps, and this development trend might take over the native mobile app development.

This trend is expected to fulfil the requirement of sophisticated mobile apps which is expected to increase exponentially as smartphone sales are forecasted to increase to 2.1 billion by Gartner.

Are you geared up?

This mobile app development trend is expected to make it big in 2018. Are you ready to leverage these trends for transforming your app idea into reality?

Author bio: I am a freelance developer, and I passionately follow mobile app development trends. I love to share my views and ideas related to technology and innovation through my blogs. Currently, I am writing technical articles for software development companies. When not writing, I love to travel and explore various forms of music.

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