7 Tips to Make Your First Concert Worth While!

7 Tips to Make Your First Concert Worth While!

Before you head over to your venue for your concert, you need to prepare yourself so it’s worthwhile. No matter what ticket you have, being prepared can instantly improve your first concert experience. You’ll be making memories that will last forever. If you’re going alone or going with friends, remember these tips for a worthwhile concert.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene means a lot and you’ll be doing yourself and others around you a favor. No one wants to feel sticky and humid during a concert. By taking a good shower and applying some deodorant, you save yourself from that unpleasant feeling. It also ensures that you still smell great post-concert if you have plans with your friends or a meet and greet with your idols. There are a lot of heavy-duty products out there you can use to make you feel fresh all day, stock up on some prior to the concert.

For your post-concert bag, you can never go wrong with some wipes and alcohol. Cooling wipes instantly freshen you up while alcohol removes that dirty feeling. If you have dry hands, you can use hand soap or hand sanitizer instead. Carry some cologne and an extra change of clothes if you’re not heading home anytime soon.

Dress Comfortably

 It’s nice to make a fashion statement but you need to be comfortable. Forget about those high-heels and just go for a comfortable pair of shoes. If you’re sitting in general admission, you’re more likely to stand than sit down. Heels are a pain to stand in for hours. It puts unnecessary pressure on the ball of your foot. As for clothes, don’t choose clothing that is too tight. Avoid ill-fitting clothes to avoid chafing. Clothes that are too loose also tend to stick to sweat well. If you have a favorite shirt, maybe it’s best to drop it and choose an alternative.

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Stay Hydrated

Expect to sweat and sweat a lot. If you don’t keep cool, you could potentially get dehydrated. Check if your venue sells or allows water bottles. If they allow you to bring water, get a nice vacuum sealed bottle so you can keep your drinks cool. If needed, you can always buy extra water. Be sure to take a sip every now and then so you stay hydrated throughout the whole concert. Drink water while you wait in line. But afterward, don’t just litter your bottles everywhere. That’s what trash bins are for. Dispose of your plastic bottles in the proper place after the concert.

Eat Prior

It can be tempting to just go to the concert as soon as possible but you need to eat. You’ll be using a lot of energy during the concert. For the human body to produce energy, you need nutrients that come from food. Concert food is also more expensive compared to restaurants outside the venue. Be sure to eat something satisfying before your concert.


Concerts are great ways to bond with your friends or find other people who love the same thing. You’re surrounded by people who share the same interests, even if you’re an introvert, you can make some new friends along the way. Most people you’ll encounter will be very friendly, especially if pre-concert waiting is boring them out. Be brave and chat with your fellow concert-goers.

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Be Calm

It’s likely that you’ll get pushed and shoved when excitement carries people away.  They didn’t mean to hit you. Be calm when this happens. If ever this happens repeatedly, you can inform them in the most polite tone. As much as possible keep your cool. It’s just crowded and the limited space makes it hard to move. However, if you find that a person is being shady, remember that you can report them to authorities at the end of the concert if they’re really persistent.

Prioritize Your Comfort

At times, you might feel trapped and claustrophobic during the concert. This can bring about feelings of anxiety and panic. If you have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, you need to prioritize your comfort. Head over to the bathroom and take a break. Take a deep breath and calm yourself. Splash some water on your face and keep yourself grounded. However, if the feeling persists, it’s better to prioritize your health and just leave the premises. No need to risk yourself for a concert.

Key Takeaway

Take care of yourself when you enter your venue in Manila. Having your first concert can be nerve-wracking but it’s also very memorable. You can make a lot of new friends through this experience. If it’s your favorite artist or a once in a lifetime opportunity, these tips can help you make great memories while also prioritizing your safety. Remember these tips and enjoy your first concert!

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