5 Major Laptop Repair Tips

5 Major Laptop Repair Tips

 A laptop is a portable computer. Most businessmen, corporate individuals and students use laptops on daily basis. But after a certain time frame, there are some of the most common problems that one can come across such as DC power jack problem, boot issues, additional memory problem, laptop running slow, motherboard problems and other software issues. Laptops are designed with chips and it is not easy for a layman to handle such parts. So, it is advised to hire a specialist laptop repair professional to solve these problems.

Some Basic Laptop Issue and How You Can Handle Them:

  1. Laptop Overheating:

If your laptop keeps overheating, they say you should change the cooling fan of the laptop. Even if you use an older version of a laptop then you can also place your laptop on the additional cooling pad. But sometime this overheating problem can occur due to dust, and in that case, you need to clean the fans with compressed air.

  1. Running slow:

If your laptop is running slow then you need to find out the exact cause of this problem. First, you need to check the anti-virus of the laptop and update the anti-virus software regularly. Most of this anti-virus software can be updated through online mode if you have a high-speed broadband connection. Apart from that, you need to format the hard disk of the laptop.  However, before you format the hard-disk, you should transfer your data from hard disk to pen-drive or to your external hard-disk. Lastly, you need to check your browsers and clean the cache and junk files from the browser’s history.

  1. Power cord:
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You need to check the power cord of the laptop after a certain time as faulty power cord can create major issues. Usually, when you plug in your laptop with the power cord, the power light will be turned on automatically. If the power light does not indicate the same, then you must change the power cord instantly. Before that, you can also use the same power cord to connect it to any other laptop because it can be possible that your laptop power jack is blocked by dust. In this case, you need to change the power jack or get it cleaned from a laptop repair professional.

  1. Hardware:

Apart from that, you can also find some major issues in your laptop motherboard, hard-drive, processor, and DVD-drive. In this case, you need to change these hardware parts with new ones. Sometimes, you can find some typing problems with your laptop, and in this case, you can change your laptop keyboard also. To change the hardware parts including keyboard, mouse-pad, laptop screen, hard-drive, processor, RAM, and motherboard, you can hire an expert form the reputed laptop repair center. They will check your laptop with their computerized system and they will change its parts if required.

  1. Software:
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Software problems are very common but now you can fix minor software errors through the internet. You can upgrade the old software to a new one with the help of internet. But before you upgrade any software, you need to check if the software is supported by the operating system and install it accordingly. But if you find any issue in your operating system, then you need to call the laptop repair professionals and they will reinstall or repair your operating system within a short time.

Many people think that once their laptop starts encountering problems, they will not be able to fix it permanently, and they have to re-sell their laptop and buy a new one. But the laptop is an expensive gadget and you may not afford a new laptop suddenly. In this case, you can hire a professional laptop repair provider and get the issues fixed instantly.

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