10 Tech Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier 2018

10 Tech Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier 2018

2017 was a rather hectic year when it came to tech. Fake news was ever so present to sway global events, huge tech corporations were hacked, leading to the exposure of much information, etc. As we are proceeding into 2018, it may be rather important than ever to focus on finding the best balance i.e. the balance between work and life, moreover, in how we employ our technology.

You may want to use less technology so as to improve mindfulness whilst still fine-tuning the top new tech so as to get fit, productive as well as data-secure.

Read on to find out about 10 tech resolutions to fulfill the above needs.

  1. Motivation To Exercise Regularly

You need to get motivated so as to exercise regularly. A dark winter morning may not be the best thing to make you log daily jogs, nevertheless, the correct fitness app may be the boost needed to get one out of bed. You can find apps that track stats galore so as to aid you in monitoring improvement, or also have tempo-based music playlists that will keep you entertained. You may want an app that is centred on personalized coaching that may tailor workouts, particularly to your activity level. Check out fitness apps that are made for smartphones and have instructions for activities including weight training, yoga, etc.

  1. Guard Digital Photos

If you are thinking about upgrading your smartphone in 2018 then remember to back up all the photos you have online, precisely if you are considering selling your mobile phone. Don’t forget to visit SellTheMobile.

  1. No Screens Before Bed

It has been claimed that screen time before bed actually is increasingly connected to adverse physical effects like lower-quality sleep along with higher body mass indexes present in kids. Therefore you need to set a schedule stating when it is fine for you as well as the children to use any device. It may be a good idea to make the hour before going to bed be a gadget-free one. You can hold your device about 14 inches from the face, Switch to Night Mode as well.

  1. Do Not Be Quick To Share Headlines
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Try and practice spotting fake news instead of sharing this. It usually spikes around volatile events and its headlines are usually written to get an emotional reaction. Look at the source of the particular article as well as the sources that it cites inside the article. Consider carefully before hitting the Share or like button.

  1. Have A Solid Backup System

For those who are still saving their ultra-important work documents or even financial applications to one location, 2018 may be the year to begin backing those files up. Google, Apple as well as Microsoft offer cloud storage services which let one save sensitive documents like a mortgage or even insurance application particularly to a desktop folder which continuously syncs precisely with a remote server.

You can look at some cloud-based office suite, like Google Docs or even Microsoft Office 365. These have an online version of a word processor, spreadsheet as well as slideshow presentation programs. When working online files will be continuously saved to the cloud. They will be accessible from anywhere as well.

  1. Have An Antivirus Program

Due to continuing virulent online scams, you may consider battening down the precise digital hatches. This may be the first line of protecting yourself from hackers and fraudsters. Getting a basic, as well as free antivirus program, may hold off those unwittingly downloaded viruses along with spyware. The paid-for premium software may additionally warn one of the phishing links which go to fake login screens that are made to steal passwords, moreover will block ad trackers plus make your financial transactions be more secure.

  1. A Password Manager

Password hacking claims to be a common way for hackers to gain access to one’s user accounts. Did you know that breaching also a non-sensitive account may provide hackers with additional information needed to hack into various other accounts like email as well as banking, letting them perpetrate identity fraud? Therefore get a unique and hard-to-crack password particularly for every account. You can use a password manager which may generate as well as fill in passwords for you.

  1. You Need To Protect Your Identity
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Reduce the harm of identity fraud. This may be done by enrolling with a good credit reporting agency. This lets one monitor if, when plus how any of their credit information may have experienced use. You need to still remember that credit agencies also are not immune from hacks.

  1. Pick When You Use Technology

Apps, as well as service providers, are always vying for our full attention, it is not simple to get some tech-lite space within our lives. There are apps that aid one in using their technology mindfully. These may include meditation apps that may offer guided exercise so as to help one relax, go to sleep or generally improve mindfulness as well as attention, particularly to the present moment.

If you want to get control over phone usage then turn off notifications from other apps. You may want to think about turning off message notifications when you are not able to respond, like during work or when with kids. This lets you choose when you want to use your phone, rather than reacting to every single buzz.

Automatic Do Not Disturb mode can be set to iPhones as well as Androids which lets one customize the alerts that come through and when.

  1. Ethical Tech Decisions

Everyone may like apps that are convenient, efficient as well as slick to use. Many tech giants which have impacted the way we work as well as live are actually increasingly forming headlines due to questionable practices. Therefore you need to be sure. You may find an app that say for instance tells the way ethically fashion brands operate.

As technology is becoming an increasingly pervasive as well as powerful industry, it is important that consumers give our clicks plus cash to those companies whose values will align with ours as well as with the planet.

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